Monday, March 4, 2013

marvelous in my monday

mondays usually suck. especially the monday after a vacation. so i'm linking up with katie & marvelous in my monday to put some positive energy into my day!

here are some marvelous things i'm thinking about today:

my master bathroom renovation will be done this week!

it's been two full weeks without being able to use my master bath (and nearly a month of not being able to use the toilet). i'm so excited that the renovation will be done this week and i won't have to run downstairs in the middle of the night to use the bathroom (or shower in the basement anymore).
sneak peak of the backsplash and color palette!
can't wait to shop for towels :)

spirit of the marathon ii documentary coming in 2013!

i love me some documentaries. especially when they're about running! i recently watched spirit of the marathon and just heard they're releasing a part two this year! talk about great motivation and inspiration as i look to register and train for my first marathon in 2014. here's the trailer for spirit of the marathon ii

testing new gnc products!

i was somehow selected to test some gnc performance products before they're released to the public. i'm super excited to be part of a test group and to try these products out! i'm on day two, week one in testing, so stay tuned for updates. i'm tweeting more frequently about them than i am blogging right now.

gnc's new pro performance amp line:
amplified strength is their pre-workout igniter (watermelon flavor)

so those are a few marvelous things that are keeping me positive today. what's starting your week out on a positive note?? good things to look forward to this week? great memories of the weekend?


  1. I'll be excited to see what you think about the GNC line... Also - to see the bathroom pictures that are the reason you can't just up and move to Ohio ;)

  2. hehehe I'll do an entire before and after post just for you!

  3. Woah your bathroom is going to be fancy schmancy! I dig it :)

  4. Thank you - wait until you see the before pictures... Think pepto bismol colored wall paper and floors...

  5. Glad you linked up!! Your bathroom is going to look gorgeous! I can't wait to see completed pics!!

  6. Thank you! I was glad to find your blog. Can't wait to share the before and after pics, too! :)

  7. Bathroom colors are awesome! Can't wait to see the big reveal.


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