Monday, March 18, 2013

marvelous in my monday: march 18th edition

happy monday, and happy day after st. patty's day! i, for one, am glad its a new week because last week was filled with a lot of poor eating choices and being fairly inactive with some type of head cold. yuck. so now its monday, and i'm going to link up with marvelous in my monday to share some of the great marvelous things that are motivating me this week!

1) the pr wall of fame

my boyfriend went all pinterest on me and got me this super cute chalkboard frame and magnets to display my bib from my pr race. he picked up some chalk too, so i scribbled on the name of the race and my next goal (sub 24 minute 5k). i hung the chalkboard of fame right next to my bed, so i am waking up every morning with a reminder of what i've accomplished and a piece of motivation to get me going, too! i love it!

is this cute, or what?!?

2) st. patty's day grub

saturday i slow cooked corned beef in the crock pot for almost the entire day. i also made an attempt at sweet potato pancakes (would have used traditional potatoes but they were rotten or something), and they turned out pretty good! it was fun to have a "traditional" st. patrick's day meal - a solid salute to my irish heritage! 
acorn squash, corned beef, turnips and sweet potato pancakes!

3) my procompression socks arrived!!

few things get me more amped up than new running gear. everyone has been buzzing about compression socks for awhile, and i've been wanting to try them for awhile. when procompression had a discount i jumped on it. i'm really hoping they'll reduce some of my tendon soreness after my runs. 
one shortie, one full length

4) a great pr race picture

lastly, i ordered a picture from my 5k pr race last weekend - and it's not terrible! in fact, i'm a little smiley, i don't look like i'm suffering too much, so i'd say it is a success! good motivation as i head into some tough workouts this week. 

5) it's the start of march madness

my spartans might not have done well in the b1gten tourney, but i'm looking forward to watching them play in the ncaa tourney that starts this week! i've completed 1/3 brackets for the pools i'm in and i'm ready for the madness to begin! march madness also marks the annual fundraiser my sister's boyfriend does to fund research to prevent/cure blinding conditions. check it out at

tom izzo is my hero

what's getting you motivated this week? is it march madness (are your brackets done)? new running gear?


  1. My sister is having a baby so when she goes into labor im headed up there! Cant wait!

  2. We are doing our brackets tonight, we do a fun family one!

    Glad you had a great weekend girl!

  3. Thank you! I almost wonder if we should get a blogger pool going - just for fun!

  4. Ha you look like you're enjoying yourself in that picture! It's hard not to when you're running in a fun race :)

  5. This is true. I run more smiley when I'm dressed in theme. There's something to that.

  6. I just got some compression socks too, and I hope they help me!

    Thanks for your comments on my blog. It's definitely been depressing (and I've officially accepted I won't be running that half that's already been paid for :( ...) I'm finally heading to the doctor so I think that's a good plan and will help me know more. Thanks for the encouragement :)

  7. :) Runners have to keep each other supported and motivated! Hope your doctor's appointment is helpful and goes well!

  8. Just gross- that's why I don't eat Mcdonalds- so many ingredients you can't pronounce! My roommate said their shamrock shake had something like 70 ingredients in it! Yuck! What's motivating me this week- killing it at Crossfit! I finally am getting movements down and I want to keep going and improving!! I must try some compression socks for my runs sometimes! Happy Hump Day!

  9. YES! I saw the Shamrock Shake info graphic that was floating around - there were 15 or so ingredients just in the CHERRY they put on top! WHAT?!?! So so crazy.

    Awesome job with Crossfit! I hear so many great things - how it transforms people emotionally and physically - keep going! And yes, try compression socks the next time you want to splurge on a running purchase. I like mine so far!

  10. Hi just found you on fit approach as an ambassador by me, how did you like the pro compression socks? I love mine

  11. Hi Dana! Yay for local ambassador love :)

    I am liking the pro compression socks! I've used the long ones at night, for recovery, and I think they have been helping my legs feel more refreshed the next day. Is that what you do?

  12. I was having some leg pain and wore them two full days and rested and it completely helped. So may try wearing them at night now too.


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