Sunday, March 3, 2013

jet settin', sweatin', sweet potatoes & a liebster!

i hate to give a play-by-play of each day during the past week because it has seriously been too busy. so i'm going to break it down info graphic style (but without the info graphic) and then share a few highlights. dig in, grab your afternoon coffee or tea, and brace yourself for a whirlwind recap!

quick stats:

6 days
4 states
5 airports
5 flights
5,740 miles traveled by airplane
86,062 steps taken
129 floors of stairs climbed
40.91 miles traveled by foot (walking and running)
13 miles covered by foot (running)

way over my 70,000 steps goal, and still a full day
left to go in the week! score!


  • had my 6 week body composition assessment with trainer. bad news: i've gained 2.25 pounds. good news: those pounds are pounds of lean muscle mass, baby! so there really isn't any bad news here at all. also great: i took 3mm off my leg measurements - who said i couldn't get rid of some of that leg fat?! booyah. after my assessment, i busted my butt during circuit class. having an assessment right before a workout is great motivation!
  • amazing, amazing, leadership summit for the diversity groups i'm involved in at work. i learned so much and felt inspired with fresh ideas to bring new life and excitement into my women's leadership group in my home office!
  • three great runs in three days, covering 13 miles. the first was a solo run in california the last day of the summit (a quick paced 4 miler). the second two i got to run with my sister, which was awesome. i hadn't run with her in awhile, and i missed her running companionship! we did two out and back runs to downtown disney (in florida), one 4 miler and one 5 miler. those were really great starts to the day.
  • spent a lovely two days with my dad and sister, one of which was playing golf on one of disney world's golf courses. while i did not play well at all, i enjoyed the time i got to spend with them and it gave me the nudge i needed to consider hitting the driving range as soon as i can!

feeling good after my morning 4 miler in cali

silly picture posing with my chocolate covered pineapple spear in
downtown disney (it was delicious)

my sister and i on the golf course!

sweet potatoes

i did a lot of experimenting in the kitchen with sweet potatoes this weekened. given my dietary restrictions, i have this itch to create my own pre-run energy bar. this was my first time experimenting with different gluten free, dairy free and soy free ingredients in attempts to make an energy bar. the first try (though delicious) had way too much fiber and not enough "bar like" consistency. i'll keep trying and if anyone has any tips for thicker consistency, let me know! i also made some sweet potato chocolate-chip cookies, just because they sounded good. they're way too delicious, and i'll post that recipe next week!

sweet potato chocolate chip cookies (gluten free)

sweet potato energy bars (gluten free)

the liebster award, nominated by arika!

the lovely arika nominated me for a liebster this past week. i want to honor her nomination, and respond to the survey questions she posted:

1. What's your favorite race distance (if you like to run/cycle)?
half marathons, hand down. there's nothing better to me. it's a mental challenge as much as it is a physical challenge.

2. Favorite dessert item?
oh dear. i don't think i can pick. i love any kind of dessert, really. cake. i guess i really really love cake.

3. Your go-to meal on the go?
if i'm dining out, panera is my go-to place. i could eat salad from panera every day. if its something i'm making at home, usually a pb&j, or maybe a nutrition smoothie with fruit or something. oh, oatmeal is pretty good on the go, too!

4. Dream fitness destination?
a 1/2 marathon in hawaii. how dreamy does that sound?

5. Ultimate motivational workout song for you?
too many. "let it rock" by kevin rudolf is always one that pumps me up, no matter what! 

6. What keeps you moving?
knowing how good my body feels when i'm active and moving keeps me moving. and mentally. i feel so good mentally when i'm active. it encourages me to keep going!

7. What was the moment where you first realized you wanted to commit to a healthy lifestyle?
after my trip to costa rica in 2012. enough was enough with feeling sick. it was time to commit!

8. Do you have a fitness/workout mantra? If so, what is it?
i don't think i have a mantra, per say, other than to try and keep the thoughts in my head and towards myself positive at all times!

9. Favorite inspirational athlete (doesn't have to be a professional)
i still think of steve prefontaine as the ultimate runner and inspiration. although, whenever i'm at a race, it's the people around me that motivate me. it's the people alongside of me in the workout class that i find inspirational. everyday people are true inspirations!

10. Favorite piece of workout attire?
i freaking love my under armour compression capris. they are just wonderful. 

11. Favorite healthy cookbook?
not a cookbook, but i'm really liking my emeals subscription. it has great healthy meal ideas and makes planning so easy.

whew! that was it! are you exhausted? because i am :)

how was everyone's week/weekend? any experiments in the kitchen? great workouts? fun travel to share?


  1. Here I am complaining that I can't squeeze in blog reading, cooking dinner and dishes and you have time to do all that travel, work out, lose inches, gain lean muscle AND try new recipes. Girl you need to move to Ohio to motivate my ass. The house next door is available, I'll help you pack.

    Those cookies look delicious, I love SP and chocolate, haha.

  2. Have you tried the hidden menu at Panera yet? Lots of good healthy choices.

  3. WHHHHAATT. I had no idea these existed! *mind blown* Thank you for sharing this!

  4. LOL! If I hadn't just shelled out my savings to remodel my bathroom, I wouldn't be opposed to moving :) I am one of those people that tends to be most efficient when I'm crazy and pack my schedule. Not necessarily the healthiest thing, but I perform well when I feel like I don't have time to do otherwise.

    Anyway. I am starting to love the sweet potato/chocolate combo too. I wonder what else I can do with it? I'm thinking a cake.


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