Saturday, March 16, 2013

add this to your workout/running!

i may be a little late to the game, but sirius/xm just started playing this song, so not all the blame is on me.

this song is awesome. an upbeat, motivating, girl power song to put on your workout/running playlist asap. just check out the chorus:

"mama told me not to waste my life
she said spread your wings my little butterfly
don't let what they say keep you up at night
and they can't detain you
cause wings are made to fly

and we don't let nobody bring us down
no matter what you say it won't hurt me
no matter if i fall from the sky
these wings are made to fly"

"wings" by little mix

what do you think? is this song a hit or miss for your playlist?


  1. I've never heard this either! It's fun and energetic, I think it might be a fun song to do on my run interval! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh, good call on the interval. I'll have to try that next time, too!


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