Thursday, March 28, 2013

a game changing afternoon + shoe advice needed!

i'm starting to have some uncomfortable achy-ness, soreness in my right ankle/leg (which is a usual suspect for me). this is a realization that causes the pit-in-stomach feel for most, if not all, runners. we fear injury, especially if we've been laid to rest due to an injury before (and i have many, many times). 

tuesday, a pt group/running specialist group came into the office offering consultations. i went to find out if my running gait was causing the issues i have had on-going in my right foot. (this whole leg is a hot mess - more aches, breaks and stress fractures than i can count) it's obviously a huge concern 24/7, especially now that i'm training again and gearing up for longer distances.

what i thought would be a quick question and prancing around the room for a bit turned into a full on video taping of me on the basement treadmill - barefoot, shoed, walking and running. side note: have you ever watched video of yourself running? i think it's soooo awkward. anyway, i was nervous about the results. was my running posture/gait so bad it was pointless to keep training until i got myself in better condition?

i saw it with my own eyes, folks.

surprisingly, my posture and gait wasn't all that bad! sigh of relief there. but there were two key things that came out of this analysis: i'm in the wrong shoe and my hips are still a huge issue. the shoe problem was a delight to hear. the guy i was working with (who is a former olympic runner) told me i was basically running in rocks and that getting out of the shoes i was in would remove a lot of the strain and pain i was having in my feet. hallelujah! i'll gladly fork up $100 to alleviate pain, rather than sit out of running for awhile. shoes can be such a simple, and happy solution, for injured runners! can i get an amen!? 

the second issue are my hips. still. i guess i didn't do enough pt, or enough work at home to get them strong. but in this diagnosis, i could actually see why my hips were causing problems. when we watched the video, i could see my hips dropping each time i landed on my right foot and then my left. for those who don't know, hips should not drop when you run. they should stay as level as possible. no dippy hips! my hip dips are causing more strain on my body, as i'm not able to push off and fire my glutes the way i should. so this leads to a few problems, one of them being i rely on my back to run instead of my glutes and hip power (which is bad) and the other being a stiff left leg that isn't pushing off the way it should. 

shakira knows - the hips don't lie!

long story short, i've still got a lot of hip/glute strengthening to do so that i can run better and injury free. the good news is that i learned how to self correct my alignment issues in two easy exercises i can do at home (if i remember to do them, anyway). 

i have a few shoe recommendations from the folks i spoke with tuesday. anyone have thoughts/experience with these shoes?

  • brooks ghost (will need to use with inserts)
  • asics gt 2000 (will be using with provided inserts)
  • brooks ravena (will be using with provided inserts)
  • saucony guide (will be using with provided inserts)
  • nb 860 (will be using with provided inserts)
  • asics gt 1000  (will need to use with inserts)
  • nb 870   (will need to use with inserts)

thoughts/opinions/reviews wanted & welcome!


  1. No mizunos?! Sad, sad day. I found that the Asics GT series run the same as the wave inspire but the wave inspire is much lighter. You might want to consider it :)

  2. Yeah they weren't crazy about the Mizunos I was running in. The pink/blue ones you and I have - he said I could try these out without my inserts, but he was certainly trying to steer me towards a different brand.... Good thing I like running shoe shopping better than normal shoe shopping!

  3. My two picks would be the Asics GT2000 or the Brooks Ravenna. I have run in both and like them both. I've been a pretty hardcore Asics fan since the get go of my running, but am working on transitioning over to Newtons. The Asics Kayano 18s are my current shoe. They are heavy suckers but offer a little more stability than the GT2000s but keep the cushy ride. I tend to get sloppy after 10+miles. :) My first pair of running shoes was the GT2160s which were great! The GT2000s are their updated model (doesn't make sense with the numbering, but that's what they did).

    To be honest, I would ask about a 30 day return policy and just try them until you find what works. Unfortunately, every shoe I, or he, or she may like may not be the one for you!

  4. I've had best luck so far with Brooks, but I tried on the NB860 yesterday at a MTV shoe event (shoe fitter liked them for me) and I thought they felt really good. I generally wear a stability shoe, the Adrenaline. They recommended wearing a neutral shoe with inserts, does that do the same thing? Wondering about the Ghost. Never thought of that as an option.

  5. I hip drop too!...but only on my left side. i was supposed to do all sorts of PT exercises, but they were boring, so I stopped. So, I guess that was bad of me... You sound pretty dedicated to your PT exercises though, which is really good! Hopefully it will help!

  6. Hip droppers unite! I haven't done any of the PT yet :/ but I have been doing the alignment correction exercises, so at least that is something. I need to get to the PT part, its just so boring, like you said!

  7. I've been wearing the Brooks Ghosts for a few months now and I love them! Very light and very comfortable.

  8. Do you wear inserts with them? Or as is? I'm really struggling to figure out which is really better!

  9. They are blue and pink. I like the Mizuno's only because the sole isn't as thick as the Brooks and they are lighter. But I was about to purchase those Ravenna's so I will be interested to see what you think

  10. I think we have the same Mizunos. I have worn the Ravenna's three times now - they aren't as light as the Mizunos, but they provide so much more cushion. I am still working to figure out the insole thing, but so far, my leg/ankle/foot soreness has been greatly reduced with this shoe switch. I'll definitely write up a more thoughtful review after I get some additional miles in them!

  11. That's good, glad they are reducing the pain. I do love Brooks shoes but am very happy with the new Mizuno's I bought.


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