Sunday, February 10, 2013

weekend week-cap: #healthyself, #sweatpink and a new hair do!


it's been a busy week. work is crazy. february is crazy. gearing up for a huge bathroom remodel in a couple short weeks is crazy. and i still don't know what i'm doing to celebrate my birthday (rock climbing or snowboarding? all depends on temperamental michigan weather). but so far i'm doing okay keeping up with my #healthyself challenges.


the challenges for this past week were:
- go meatless for a day
- start reading a new book
- do 100 burpees in one day

meatless for a day ended up being pretty easy, though i only remembered to take one picture of what i ate. the day was filled with protein shakes and liquidy things like my homemade pumpkin-butternut squash soup that is out of this world. i had to put it away before i ate all of it (because i seriously would).

i started reading "born to run" - a classic as far as running books go. the first time i tried to read it i got bored 20 pages in, so i'm hoping this attempt will be more successful!

and for the burpees.... well, i only got to 60. but i'm pretty happy with that. i did them during a circuit workout: 15 burpees, mile on treadmill, 15 burpees, mile on elliptical (and repeat). needless to say, it was an exhausting workout, but a good sweat!

meatless lunch

#sweatpink ambassador

attention everyone! i've made it somewhere in the fitness blogging world! i've been welcomed into the #sweatpink community as an ambassador and i'm really excited about it. i've been wanting to build my blogging community, and i've already found a bunch of fitness bloggers in michigan  i can stalk connect with (michigan bloggers are like an endangered species, hard to find)! here's to new adventures with #sweatpink! 


new hair do

my annual pre-birthday hair cut/color happened on saturday. i have been drooling over and dreaming of going red - inspired by kristen wiig and this person's hair, mostly (but my pinterest is full of ginger hair inspiration). my dad is a natural red and i'm so envious that i didn't inherit those ginger genes. i ended up getting a more angled bob, which i love and i think the color turned out great. helllooo fabulous!

bonus: nick offerman

on friday night, brandon and i saw nick offerman (ron swanson from parks and rec) on his "american ham tour". he was hilarious and also offered up some incredible advice. the point of advice that struck home to me was "avoid the mirror." he went on about how our human bodies are beautiful - all of them - because of all the amazing things we can do (running, shooting arrows, skipping). he blamed the media for our ignorance into why we don't see ourselves as beautiful and said the only time we needed to check the mirror was on the way out the door to make sure we don't have schmuck on our face. hearing this type of message from a man, in hollywood no less, was pretty amazing to me - especially that he would bring it up on his comedy tour. needless to say, it was one of the best parts of the show (and he said it all much funnier than i recapped, trust me).

so, how was your weekend? complete the #healthyself challenges? change your hair? rendez-vous with a comedian?? 


  1. Congrats on the Sweat Pink ambassadorship - and love the hair!

  2. congrats on being a sweatpink ambassador! I am too! Love the new do, super cute! Awesome job on the burpees...those terrify me lol

  3. I love your new hairstyle and congrats on becoming a SPA! I'm one too :)

  4. Thank you! I'm so excited to meet other SPAs :)

  5. Thank you! Burpees are not fun, but they are good for you! I started with a half burpee when I first tried them and worked my way up... (halves can be just as brutal though!)


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