Wednesday, February 20, 2013

two happy runs, one day

this is a week about sharing things related to my birthday. i’m not fishing for compliments, but really, all my thoughts, feelings and doings have been somehow related to the anniversary of my birth.

my entire day yesterday was dedicated to celebrating me. i took the day off from work (one of the best gifts i could give myself) and spent the day doing whatever i wanted to. when is the last time you’ve given yourself that freedom? it was fabulous, let me tell you.

i started the day by dropping moose off at daycare for a belated valentine’s day party (oh yes, doggie day care goes all out) and then headed promptly to the gym. i put on my fancy, bright new running shoes (see below) and pounded out 4 miles of interval work in 35 minutes (reached my best interval pace so far, too)! i was feeling pretty good great.

new mizunos! hot colors for hot feet!

after running, i happened to walk by a zumba class that was just about to start. so i said, “what the hell, i love to zumba!” and decided to join. myself, along with 4 women in their 60’s+ shaked and stepped along to beats for a good hour. that was workout #2 for me and it felt amazing.

later in the afternoon, i had a spa appointment. brandon got me a gift card for my birthday, so i indulged in a mineral soak and an energy healing massage. during the mineral soak, i tried to meditate on positive affirmations (you is smart, you is kind, you is important). the energy healing massage was sooo nice, and my body did feel rebalanced afterward (which surprised me). the spa gave me a 10% discount for my birthday (score!) and i left feeling very refreshed.

after picking moose up from her party (see below for the valentine she made), i got the sudden desire to go for another run. but it was a true michigan blizzard out; sideways snow, bitter cold and insane wind. i tried to table the thought, thinking to myself that i already worked out and could just relax for the evening. when i got home and mentioned the idea of a run to brandon, he didn’t hesitate to say “yes!” so we geared up and went for a 3 miler out in the blizzard. not the smartest idea to battle freezing cold temps and wind (holy crap did i feel that wind), but man did it feel good to run.

valentine from my sweet pup

yesterday was one of those days where i just wanted to run. my body felt good. it wanted the run. i wanted the run. i just didn’t want to stop. i thought about the last time i felt this way. it had to have been years ago, pre-running injuries and pre-depression drop. it occurred to me that i am now the strongest i have ever been, in terms of running health and physical condition. i have busted my ass over the past year to make my body strong so that i can run injury free and yesterday, i felt it. my body felt strong and ready to run. my body was telling me it was ready to run.

birthdays come and go and we take with them many memories. i’ll take the seven miles i put in yesterday and carry that good feeling with me for the rest of the week, and certainly the next time i need a reminder of why I love to run.

have you ever taken a day off just for you? what have you done with your time?

when is the last time you’ve had a day when your body just wants to run? do you go with the flow, or cap it off because of life obligations or other things?


  1. Happy belated birthday! Sounds like you had such an amazing day!

    Can you please send some of your good run mojo my way, please? I desperately need some.

    And how cute is Moose's valentine?! So sweet! Dogs rule!

  2. Thank you, Lori :)

    I'm sending you running MOJO right... NOW! Do you feel it?!?!

    And yes, dogs are awesome. I know this Valentine's Gimmick crap is just that, but I like to think she is entertained by the day care people fussing over it. It makes me happy anyway, and that's all that matters, right?? :)

  3. Sounds like a perfect day! I love that want to run feeling - I just wish it came more often. Adorable doggy valentine! I can't believe they have a party for the dogs for v-day... How awesome!

  4. indugling in a spa treatment is the best! I just had a massage and it was the best treat ever!

  5. It is SUCH a nice treat. Mentally and physically. Can't beat it :)

  6. So jealous that you were able to just jump in on a zumba class! I'm glad you had a great birthday! New mizunos are definitely something to smile over if you ask me :)

  7. Any kind of new running/workout gear makes me smile. Love it!

  8. Haha yeah, our doggie day car does winter parties, halloween parties... anything you can throw a dollar at, they'll make a party for it. But they're always done very tastefully, so I can't rag on it too much! :)

  9. That sounds awesome! So glad you got to enjoy the day however you wanted! Good choices!!!

  10. YAY! So excited to find you :) Love your puppy had a valentines party. SO Awesome! I LOVE running days like that ... Havent had one in a while but cant wait. :) Have a great night.

  11. Good for you! Hope you had a GREAT birthday! Savor the run and remember it for those days when you hit the wall :) (cause we all know they happen).

  12. Yay for birthdays, glad it was great! I love a day when I am able to workout multiple times, feels so awesome.

  13. Sounds amazing! I told hubs that this year I get a birthday week, not just a day! I'm going to milk it for all it's worth! When I lived in Miami, I had one day where I had to work really long hours and used to bring her to doggie daycare...but that day happened to coincide with their parties! Then they'd want to charge me extra to give her doggie ice cream! It drove me crazy!


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