Sunday, February 3, 2013

the cool kids clothes part ii

i feel really fortunate to have made some great blogging-connections out there. you guys had amazing perspective and insight into my debate on whether or not i should go into abercrombie & fitch and try on the cool kids jeans (from the cool kids clothes post part i). i wanted to make sure i shared with you what i decided to do. but first, i want to share some highlights from your great comments. they're too good not to share, and everyone can benefit from a fresh perspective or great idea!

  • " ... losing weight is an experience of growth - i can move forward, don't have to look back!"
  • "is your self worth completely tied to fitting into a certain pair of jeans? and remember, those jeans aren't just made for "skinny" girls, they are made for GIRLS, not WOMEN. women {even "skinny" women} have curves that girls do not have."
  • "go to nordstrom and try on a whole bunch of nice name brand designer jeans that you have no intention of buying. you look fabulous and i guarantee you'll feel much better leaving nordstrom than sneaking out of abercrombie hoping no one you know sees you!"
  • "this last year i was walking through the mall and decided to go into every store that i was previously intimidated by and look around. i tried on clothes and i felt like i overcame a lot of fear and self doubt. i bought nothing, but i just needed to know that i could buy something there, if i wanted."

so what did i decide to do? my plan was to go to nordstrom and try on every expensive pair of jeans i wouldn't have even thought of trying on previously. i was really excited to do this, and then something interesting happened. i got to nordstrom and i had a nice salesperson show me a pair of jeans she promised i would love. she helped me pick out a couple sizes to try and then, i freaked out (internally, thankfully not out loud). i felt more insecure then i ever have shopping. i don't know if it was because i had no intention of buying anything i tried on, or if i felt pressure by having a sales person direct me to a room or if it was not knowing my european sizing and being scared that nothing would fit. i wandered around nordstrom, looking at tons of other clothes before i just had to get out of there (without even trying those jeans on - i totally ditched the salesperson). 

i ended up going into lord & taylor (didn't even know those still existed) and tried on a few things there. i felt more at ease being in control of my dressing room situation - not having someone get additional sizes or checking in on me. if, by chance, i was going to have a mental breakdown in the dressing room over pants not fitting, i wanted to be alone to do it!

here are a few snapshots of what i tried on. keep in mind, i tried on some pants i would consider buying and some others ... well .. they were just for fun (coughcoughgoldpantscoughcough).

7 for all mankind gold super skinny jeggings .
clingy like running tights, but with the midas touch.

skinny dark, almost metallic pants. so hard to
tell the color with my crappy camera phone

these are purple, can you tell? i would actually
like to rock these on a regular basis.

these were sooooo soft. <3

and just for kicks, i tried on a bcbg dress i instantly fell in love with. 

ignore the messy dressing room and pay attention to
the adorable dress - it has pockets!

trying to show off the cute mesh back

i would've bought that dress in a heartbeat if i could have justified the $98 price tag for a dress i really don't need. trying to be frugal is tough on my heart, but good on my wallet!

do i feel good about my decision not to go into abercrombie? yes. i realized that i am a woman trying to create myself now and for the future. i am not the teenage girl i used to be, a girl who tried to mold herself into someone she wasn't. i'm proud of the curves i have and i'm going to do more to dress for me and for my body as it is. 

am i a little frustrated by my mental melt-down in nordstrom? yes. i wish i could get to the point where the size on the pants or shirt doesn't matter - as long as it fits, who cares? but there's still part of me that thinks the smaller the number on the tag, the better. and fitting into clothes even one size close to the clothes i fit in 20 pounds ago makes me feel depressed. this a mind-game i'm battling.

have you had a mental break down in the fitting room? how did you get through it? 

what was the last piece of clothing you just had to have, but were able to restrain yourself from buying? did you go back for it later? (i'm glad i can't find that bcbg dress online, otherwise i might be doing some online shopping right now....) 


  1. i've had more breakdowns in fitting rooms than i care to admit. i remember shopping for my prom dress about 4 years ago. so many tears. nothing fit or looked right.. it was horrible. it was super scarring.

  2. :( I hope your experiences are better now. I think there's a better selection of clothes out there for a variety of body shapes than there ever were before - which helps. But there's still a trend to make clothes teeny and not stretchy. I ran into that problem and it's dis-heartening. Just know it's not you! It's how companies design and manufacture most clothes that's the problem.

  3. You rocked that dress! Looks amazing on you!

  4. I've left more than one dressing room in tears. You are definitely not alone.

  5. Why do we allow ourselves to do that?!?!


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