Wednesday, February 6, 2013

the 5k challenge: 5k #8 superbowl 5k

it was a crisp and freezing cold 10 degrees when my sister, her boyfriend, brandon and i lined up for the superbowl 5k sunday. but that was just the icing (pun intended) on the morning. before we even got to the site of the race, we had some other challenges to overcome.

for instance, neither brandon nor my alarm went off this morning. how is it possible for two totally separate alarms (one real alarm clock, one a cell phone) to not function?!!? we woke up abruptly to the door bell chiming downstairs. needless to say, we shot out of bed with the same reaction, "f!@k!" if my sister and her boyfriend hadn't been coming to pick us up that morning, i guarantee we wouldn't have made it to the race.

because we were in such a rush, i left my phone at home. and because it was so damn cold out, we didn't take pictures with brandon's phone because it was more important to keep our hands in our pockets. apologies for the lack of photo memories!

but we did make the 1/2 hour trek to the race in time - and even had enough time to wait in the insanely long line for the bathroom. there ended up being a long row of porta potties near the race start, but who was going to wait outside in the bitter cold just to get access to an outdoor bathroom? not me sir, i'll wait in line and cross my legs, thanks.

aside from the cold, this race was a challenge because it was incredibly crowded. and since it has been snowing for what seems like a week now in michigan, the roads we ran on were slick with slush and snow. all of these conditions combined made for a less than ideal race.

within the first 30 seconds, i lost brandon. between the attempts to bob and weave through the crowd, we lost each other. my sister and her boyfriend lost each other too, so the race ended up being survival of the coldest, rather than a group race. going with the flow, i went along my merry way, using the first mile as a "warm up" before trying to do some intervals for the second and third mile.

the intervals were harder than i thought they would be due to race conditions. but they were also hard because my normal interval runs involve a very relaxed recovery pace in between sprints. during the race, my recovery was still at race pace, which wasn't much of a recovery at all. that being said, the intervals were super effective in picking up time and passing other racers. i took over a minute off my first mile time by doing intervals in the second mile - not shabby!

mile 1: 9:20
mile 2: 8:16
mile 3: 8:03
(according to garmin)

official time: 26:08
(according to bib chip)

even though the race conditions weren't ideal, i'm happy with my race time. it's faster than last month's 5k and i think if race conditions had been perfect today, my time would've been even faster. i hit the three mile mark in the 25 minute range (which was so exciting), a good sign that i could have finished under 26 minutes today! i finished 14th out of 86 runners in my age division (409th overall) - woop!

finally able to take pictures after warming up!

the race schwag is pretty cool. instead of t-shirts, they gave out tech beanies (see my head above). they also handed out pint glasses to the first 2,000 finishers - which i'm pretty sure was everyone in the race. as typical, i dropped my pint glass after having it in my hands for only 10 minutes, but i'm happy to say i wasn't the only racer leaving with broken glass post-race!

overall a great race day. not sure i would do this race again because of how crowded it was, but still enjoyed the experience i had with my family!

hope everyone had an enjoyable superbowl/puppy bowl sunday! was there a superbowl 5k in your area? how did it go, if you participated??


  1. That's awesome that you were faster than last time! I would LOVE to do a superbowl 5K. I need to look into that for next year! Running races with friends or family just makes it such a great experience.

  2. I am notorious for dropping things. It's almost like I forget I am holding something. B doesn't let me hold glass all that often if there's a chance of breaking it ;) I love the hat and awesome job in your ranks!

  3. It's great to have a fast race when you aren't expecting to be fast! And I agree, running with friends or family is the best. Having a support system makes everything 100% better.

    I hope you're able to find a Superbowl 5k.. if not, maybe that's a good virtual race for the blogging community to start!

  4. THAT'S TOTALLY WHAT HAPPENED TO ME. I forgot I had the glass in my hand, and I went to take a drink of the water bottle that was in the glass and... oops! Dropped and shattered on the floor. We're silly like that - let's make sure you and I keep each other accountable for glass holding the next time we're in the same room with a beverage :)

    (Thanks for the compliment, too. I'm feeling good about my improvement!)

  5. You are a speed demon! I think there was a Super Bowl 5k somewhere around here, but I already signed up for my four miler this Sunday. Gotta ration out the funds for all of these races I want to run this year!

  6. Good job girl! haha love the pic!

  7. Ain't that the truth - rationing out funds... I'm not very good at this. It would suit me well to plan ahead :(

  8. Well done! :) My time was 27:17, which is a PR for me! Yes, it was DANG cold- I was happy just to finish with all my fingers and toes intact ;)

  9. Awesome lady! I didn't know you were doing the race too!

  10. I LOVE the Super5K and still use the pint glasses! I miss this event. I hope I can run my 5K in April as fast as you!

  11. You are going to CRUSH your 5k. I've seen the splits you've been posting on Daily Mile! You're a speed demon :)


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