Sunday, February 24, 2013

starting fresh and upcoming guest posts

first and foremost, i want to send out a sincere thank you for the love and support i received after yesterday's post. it was incredibly scary to hit the "post" button, but i am thankful that i did because it helped me feel like i was making the move to take control. i appreciate the comments, tweets and beautiful emails you sent. you could never know how much they mean to me, and how much they help.  thank you.

i got up after writing yesterday and said to brandon, "it's time to clean out the kitchen." we went through every cabinet, the fridge, the freezer and trashed anything that had ibs/food sensitivity triggers. i was specifically looking to say good riddance to items that had:

  • gluten/wheat
  • dairy
  • soy
  • high fructose corn syrup

here's what we trashed

we got rid of a ton of food (some of it we were able to donate to a food panty, some of it brandon is taking to work, and some of it is being trashed). the end result was very empty shelves in the kitchen, and a feeling of starting over and starting clean. i was feeling better already!

so empty after getting rid of the junk! time to shop :)

the shocker of the day was finding an ingredient called polyethylene glycol. when following a low fodmap diet, its a general rule of thumb to stay away from things that end in "ol". i had no idea what this ingredient was, but i was finding it in multi-vitamins and pain relievers. we did some research and were stunned to see that polyethylene glycol is the main active ingredient in miralax. why does this matter, you ask? well, my gastro doctor prescribed miralax to me as a way to keep my digestive track moving. she also put me on a low fodmap diet to help with the ibs. but, the active ingredient in miralax is high fodmap! meaning, i'm taking a supplement that instead of helping my ibs, could actually be making it worse! and i have been taking miralax religiously, thinking it was helping me! i was so mad after finding this out, and wanted to call my doctor for an explanation. but after calming down, i thought through the fact that every body reacts to supplements/food differently, and that maybe miralax isn't helpful for me, but could help others. so i decided to trash all the miralax, and stop using it for awhile. that will be a good test of whether or not that stuff was hindering or helping my digestive system! 

saturday ended up being a clean out day, and now i'm starting on a fresh step, taking control of the food sensitivities, which well help alleviate some of the frustration that led to friday's massive meltdown. here's to a clean slate!

alright. onto the upcoming guest posts that i'm excited to share with you!

i've said it a few times already, but february has been a crazy month - and it's not over yet! i'm traveling like a maniac this week (look for the recap on that to come) so i've reached out to a couple amazing people who truly sparkle and enrich my life in many ways. here's a sneak peek at what you have to look forward to; give them lots of love because they deserve it!

(motivation) monday: "i deserve more" a guest post by my lovely friend susan. susan shares her recent experience of an out of town trip that left her feeling derailed from her weight watchers planning and how she ended up feeling recharged, not disheartened, after her weigh-in that followed.

wednesday: a guest recipe return from my culinary crafty boyfriend, brandon. he shares his simple secrets for making awesome and healthy pasta sauce on the cheap! 

friday: "how to stay on track while traveling: airplane edition" - surprise! this is not a guest post, it's written by yours truly! with all the travel i do, and hearing other stories on how hard it is to stay on track while traveling, i wanted to share my tips on how i try to stay sane and true to my goals to stay healthy (even when spending the majority of my time in an airport). pinterest this one for later, folks! ;)

have you ever done a massive clean out of your kitchen, getting rid of foods that weren't helping your body or helping you reach your goals? any shockers that you found lurking in the kitchen?

i'm looking forward to hearing your comments on the guests posts this week! if you are ever interested in guest posting here, just send me an email. i'm an equal opportunity guest poster ;) 

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