Monday, February 4, 2013

motivation monday: healthy self challenge & the jelly bean race

there are few things more motivating then signing up for a new challenge, or putting your name down for a race or physical commitment. i wanted to share with ya'll two things i've committed myself to so i can keep motivated and on track!


the first is the healthy self challenge, which is a spin-off of the ever popular elf4health challenge that went around the blogger world this past winter. everyone involved in elf4health seemed to be having a good time, and i liked the buddy-support the challenge offered. i'm hoping for the same type of fun this time around, and will be sure to keep ya'll posted on how it's going!

i also signed up for the 3rd annual virtual jelly bean race, after some encouragement from my buddy susan. i signed up to do the 5k and 10k race, but there's also an option to do a 1/2 marathon and a bike! this virtual race is cool because you will print off a race bib, and can order a medal. and the medals are cute, so that helps, too ;) oh - this virtual race is free to enter, so why not?! just do it!

isn't signing up for challenges and races fun? what have you all committed to recently? i hear the 28 day blogging challenge is popular. what else is out there?


  1. I didn't sign up for healthyself - thought I loved elf4health so I hope you enjoy it :) I met some awesome people!

    I haven't signed up for the jelly bean yet, I'm going to probably this afternoon. SO EXCITED :)

  2. Dooooooo it! You want that medal! Eyes on the prize ;)

  3. I signed up for healthyself as well, and a couple months back I signed up for the Color Run again! The last one was on my birthday and it was so much fun!

  4. I've been wanting to do a color run! Each time they have one around my area, it books really fast...

    Yay for HealthySelf buddies! I need to get a schedule together to make sure I stick to the goals. Do you have a plan for getting your challenges is?

  5. The color run was a ton of fun. We just got a lot of our patients to participate in a 14 day Juice Fast. We had a weight loss of about 200 pounds amongst 10 participants. Great post!

    Dr. Canfield


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