Friday, February 15, 2013

i'm a stallion of health!

happy friday everyone!

i'm ending the week on a great note. yesterday, i had a quickie health evaluation that looked at my bmi, glucose, cholesterol and blood pressure. i've never had a glucose or cholesterol test done before, so i was pretty anxious to see what the results were. i couldn't imagine they'd be bad, because of my overall good health, but you never know what genetics may come into play and surprise you.

the results of my evaluation came back with flying colors. i am a stallion of health! (i coined this term myself and don't 100% know what it means, but stallion quality healthy is what i'm going after)

bmi: 22
total cholesterol: 188
hdl: 61
ldl: n/a (too low to register)
glucose: 70

the nurse that went over my results was really impressed by my healthy hdl level. i told her i eat a lot of healthy nuts and tuna, and she commended me for making good choices when it comes to protein. she didn't have many suggestions for me to improve my health, aside from continue to do what i'm doing and make sure i monitor these health metrics once a year with my annual physical.

getting a very happy, healthy bill of health made me feel happier than i felt when i got to my near goal weight. isn't that crazy? but it shouldn't be. a good bill of health is what i need for a long, happy life, and i am so excited that all the changes i've made to my diet are really working for my body.

i'm going into the weekend super happy and with birthday celebrations to look forward to. my first adventure in rock climbing will happen this weekend, and i am taking my birthday off to do something nice for myself. any suggestions on that one? i'm at a loss!

your turn: big plans for the weekend? any suggestions on how i should treat myself for my birthday? would a clean bill of health make you happier than being at a "goal" weight?


  1. congrats on being so friggin healthy! aha. have an awesome birthday weekend - happy birthday whenever it happens to be aha.

    all my friends are coming home for the weekend, i live in our home town part of the year and they go to school and Iam SO excited. its one of my best friends birthdays so we're celebrating big. should be fun.

  2. Thank You :)

    Big birthday celebrations are so fun. It's great that you're having a bunch of friends come back into town! That is a great excuse for a reunion!

  3. What great news! Have fun and enjoy your birthday!


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