Friday, January 4, 2013

what's in the box: january's klutchclub

hey there klutchclub box, i've been waiting for you!

holy crap you guys. this month's klutchclub box is jammed packed (and heavy too). i'm super pumped about what's inside because it's a solid mix of my favorite things: things i can use/try right away (like food), things for beauty (shampoo/conditioner, lotion) and things that i've never seen before that make me say, "no way! this is so cool!". read on for more, as i'll highlight a few of my highlights and lowlights of this month's box!

how do they get all this inside? must be packaging majors


funky monkey snacks: these are freeze dried fruit snacks (yes, like the astronauts eat) that are organic, gluten free, vegan, raw and have no sugar added! sounds like the perfect snack, right? i got "jivealime", which is pineapple freeze dried pieces with lime. they taste exactly like the description - pineapple with lime. while i thought the lime was a tad bit overwhelming, i would try some of their other products based on my experience sampling this stuff.

giovanni cosmetics shampoo/conditioner: the sample size shampoo and conditioners in this box are made with argan oil and some brazilian phyto-kertain that is supposed to be awesome. on first inspection, i love the smell of both the shampoo and conditioner and i can't wait to give them a test run. trying out hair products is one of my biggest beauty thrills. you should see all the hair products i have sitting in my cabinet right now... (#curlyhairproblems)

freeze dried pieces of pineapple with a smacky lime taste


jaali bean lentil and rice kit: normally i'd be stoked about something like this, but jaali bean has "a taste of india" written right underneath it's brand name and i am still shell shocked from a terrible case of food poisoning i got while traveling in india. needless to say, i haven't been able to touch indian food since. i'm going to be brave and give this stuff a try, but i'd say there's a 95% chance that i won't use the seasoning packet that comes in the kit. :(

- kt tape: this is a trial pack of kinesiology therapeutic tape. again, normally something i'd be excited about, but the challenge with this is that i have no idea how to use it! i'd love to see if kt tape helps some of my running aches, but i don't have any confidence that i would be using this stuff in the proper way on my body to actually make it worth using.  i couldn't find any instructions anywhere in the box for how to use the tape (maybe its inside the pack?) so way more guidance would be needed before i could give this any thumbs up.

sad face for the lingering side effects of food poisoning

no way! this is so cool!:

berryplus : this stuff is natural laundry detergent that is 95% berry based. say what?! yeah, that was my reaction too. the little card inside the pack says it cleans as well as leading brands but its super safe for clothes and the planet. what really surprises me is that the amount you put into your load is the size of a teaspoon or so (and the packaging is really cool). i have no idea how something so small can clean an entire load of my smelly clothes, but we'll find out soon! can't wait to do laundry now (not something i'd ever think i'd say, unless i got a new washer and dryer of course).

kinda looks like birth control here, but i swear it's laundry soap

what i mentioned in this post is only a very small portion of what came in the january box this month (there was soda, soy joy bars, a full jar of body butter....), which makes me give this months klutchclub box a solid two thumbs up! woot!

are you subscribed to klutchclub? what were your favorites from this month's box?

oh yeah, a little disclaimer. i was in no way compensated, or asked to blog about this subscription box. everything expressed in this post is out of my own will, desire and enjoyment i receive from getting this box in the mail each month (which i pay for).


  1. KLUTCHclub sounds so intriguing, I'm just not sure I'm ready to pull the trigger on $25/month.

    1. I bought 3/months at a time, so its a little cheaper... but 2013 is my year of financial savings, so I'm sadly thinking this will be one of the expenses that needs to go :(

  2. I never heard of Klutchclub. You can check youtube for KT tape instructions if you decide to use it.


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