Wednesday, January 30, 2013

weigh-in wednesday: attack of the swedish fish

i don't normally do weigh-in wednesday, because for once, i'm not trying to lose weight. (okay, somewhat of a lie, because in the back of my mind i always want to lose weight, even when i'm not supposed to) but for real this time, my goal, as decided between me and my trainer, is for me to gain lean muscle. quite the change from a calorie plan of 1,600 to now aiming for 2,050 calories on a daily basis. (the day your trainer tells you to eat more is seriously one of the best days ever. EVER!!!)


i'm on a plan to have 120 - 130 grams of protein a day. a day!! that's insane. even when trying to consume more protein, my highs have been about 80 grams. i've adjusted my meal plans to include more protein shakes and protein bars, so now i'm getting in a daily range of 110 - 120 grams, which is as close as i think i can reasonably get to my protein goal without totally blowing my calorie goal. 

we will see how well i'm doing when i get a body composition measurement with my trainer at the end of february.

until then, here we are with weigh-in wednesday and my current weight:

139.3 pounds

i'm okay with this number. i'm not in love with it (who is ever really in love with the number on the scale, right?), but i'm not unhappy. if i can maintain under 140 and up my lean muscle, i'll be content with where i am. i seem to be balancing in the 138 - 139 range, so maybe this is my body's set point at my new lower weight?

for the weigh-in link up, erin talks about her obsession with cheez-its. so i felt compelled to share my junk food dinner from last night. yesterday, i caught some weird cold bug - i didn't feel like eating for fear i was going to have a massive vomit attack later on, and once i finally got hungry around 4 o'clock, all that sounded good to eat was massive amounts of bland, gluten-free crackers and ginger ale (i'm so wild, i know). and then, around 8pm, i got hungry. i mean, ravenous. my body just wanted to eat! and i started to have these wicked cravings; pizza, quesidillas, buffalo wild wings and swedish fish. i wanted swedish fish so so bad, it was pathetic. being the sweet guy he is, brandon drove out to the gas station and picked me up a care package of my favorite gummies! swedish fish, twizzler cherry nibs, gummy worms and mini gummy bears. holy gummy heaven. 

"eat me!!!" says the swedish fish

i proceeded to eat all the swedish fish, all of the little twizzler nibs and a few worms and bears. it was great! and while i know these are by no means nutritious foods, i didn't feel too guilty about eating them because i rarely eat this kind of junk food. in fact, i said to brandon that the next time i eat twizzlers will probably be when we're on the beach over 4th of july (because you can't not have twizzlers on the beach, it's a rule). as long as junk food isn't a consistent element in my diet, i'm more than okay with having enjoying it on occasion!

now that the craving is out of my system (although i'm still sick and bland food is the only thing that sounds digestible again), i can return to my normal eating habits. and i was happy this morning to see that the scale didn't budge too much - and it won't! - because of my enjoyable candy-monster session last night. a once in awhile thing won't make or break you, as long as you don't let it.

what junk foods do you crave? is it sweet candy things, like swedish fish? or something salty and crunchy like goldfish crackers (my boyfriends obsession snack of choice)?


  1. Damn the Swedish fish! They get me every time! Chocolate is another downfall for me {see my post about the giant brownie}.

  2. Amy @Write this DownJanuary 30, 2013 at 2:09 PM

    I need your trainer. Who doesn't want to eat more calories. I am not a big candy eater. I prefer salty foods like popcorn or chips.

  3. I'm going to look for your giant brownie post. Chocolate gets me too. I keep Dove dark chocolate pieces in my freezer, to try and keep cravings at bay. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't!

  4. Yes, those are salty vices. I found a popcorn that isn't that sinful though! You have to try it: Orville Redenbacher's - Natural - Simply Salted Popcorn 50% Less Fat

  5. I crave marshmallows! I can kill an entire bag:)

  6. Marshmellows! That's one I haven't heard of. I'm guessing you might be a champ at pudgy bunny, or whatever that game is called? :)

  7. Oohh, I love me some swedish fish too... although the cheez-its are almost my first plan of attack when I get the cravings! You are at such a good place with your weight, good for you! It's so encouraging and inspiring!

  8. Cheddar Jack Cheez-Its were my fave. I could polish off a bag of those easy in college. I haven't had them sense, for safe measures! Thank you for the compliment - if we're good to our bodies, we can get where we want to be! We just have to know its a process and not a destination :)

  9. Great post! Love how you are comfortable enough with yourself to be so honest :)
    terms of unhealthy cravings, I'm definitely more inclined to reach for
    cupcakes, a pastry like a macaron, or some other dessert over junk food

    But, when I was younger, I LOVED Reese's pieces, Dots, and caramilk bars (only in Canada lol)

    I used to also like chips a lot, but never crackers...weird!

  10. OMG. Reese's Pieces - we used to have these in BULK at work in the snack kitchen... are you kidding me?? It's bittersweet that they're gone now. I totally know what you mean about reaching for baked goods - muffins, cupcakes, cookies... hardest stuff to ignore :)


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