Monday, January 14, 2013

weekend recap: women's health fair & the first meetup!

what a weekend! they always fly by so fast, don't they? i had two big events to look forward to, the first being the women's health and fitness day sponsored by the university of michigan and the second being the first get together of the local women's meetup i created. 

love that the swag bag said "love yourself." awesome message

saturday: women's health and fitness day

my sister and i took three courses of the many that were offered. overall, i would do this again next year. the class options were great and it was nice to great together with other women in the community. here's a recap of the classes i attended:

1) simply organize the new year: 5 simple strategies to keep your new year resolution
this class wasn't exactly what i wanted it to be, but i was pleasantly surprised at how much the instructor's messages (professional organizer), words and strategies paralleled the strategies and mantras of trying to lose weight or live a fitter, healthier life. my biggest takeaways:
  • being organized is not about the pretty bins you see in magazines, but it's about doing what you can so that you can get out and enjoy your life
  • it's about what you do, not what you buy. being organized is a process, not an event. (how true is this in the dieting world? there's no magic pill, folks! and it doesn't happen over night)
  • progress, not perfection!
  • change is rarely linear (not a smooth road), but always difficult. pace yourself accordingly. (yes, yes, yes! there's no rush and rushing never lasts. take things one step at a time, you'll get there!)

2) eating healthy on a frugal budget
this class freaked me out. it was basically a giant data dump, and those are designed to scare the sanity out of you (just like every health documentary, am i right?). but i learned a ton and went home with a giant packet full of healthy ingredient recipes (like how to make your own cream of mushroom soup, for example). the theme of the class was steering away from artificial ingredients that flood our food and make us sick. sad but true, we often compromise the nutritional value of food by opting for low calorie options. my sister and i discussed how hard it is to choose one versus the other, and we agreed that it's a balance and you have to pick and choose your battles. a few interesting things i learned from the session:
  • consumption of high fructose corn syrup increased from 5.5 lbs/person (1970's) to 63.8 lbs/person in 2000 (imagine how high it is now?!?!?!)
  • food waste has increased 50%, biggest area of waste is in fruits and vegetables (estimated that the average american throws out >$400 worth of food each year)
  • purslane is a weed that typical grows in cracks in driveways. it is a great source of omega 3 fatty acids
  • if you don't mind peeling, 1 lb of whole carrots is half the price of a bag of baby carrots

3) zumba  
every time i do zumba, i forget how much fun it is! this class was no exception because it was filled with beginners, experienced zumba-ers, women of all ages, shapes and fitness levels. it was fun to listen to everyone hoot and holler as we tried to keep up with the latin inspired moves. i was stepping and salsa-ing so much i logged about 5,000 steps on my fitbit just from the class! seriously.

sunday: the first fun, fit and fearless women meetup!

you may or may not remember from a post a bit ago that i started a meetup group in an attempt to get like minded fit and healthy women in the area together. the first "introductory" meetup was today, and i have to admit i was super nervous about it. would anyone show up? would they be engaged? would they like me? would they think my organization of the group was stupid? per usual, my fears and anxiety were overkill as everyone in the group was super nice, super engaged in conversation and really excited about getting started! we brainstormed activities we wanted to try, chatted about gym memberships and set up a couple of tentative meetup dates. i'm excited about where the future of this group could go, and it will be so nice to have some new friends in the area to enjoy fitness related activities with!

this post was awful wordy, so here's a picture of my pup moose to try and balance it out! :)

yes, she has a car seat

how was everyone's weekend? have you ever gone to an event on meetup? (it's not as scary as you think!)


  1. I wish I had the drive and confidence you do to do a meetup group. I won't even attend one in the area!!! I LOVE that she has a car seat btw :)

  2. You could totally do it. It took a lot of guts, but there are so many women in the area who were looking for the same thing! One woman even came from Toledo because there was nothing in her area (which made me think of you). You could totally start a group.

    And yes, she has a car seat. She's so short, I want her to have the window fun every dog has. And it's safer for car rides this way. What can I say, I'm a paranoid dog mother :)

  3. awesome post! I need to come back and read this 10 more times!

  4. Sounds like a fun event!

    I've thought about going to a meetup group or starting one but I've been too scared. I know I'd probably love it and make friends, which is what I need in my new hood. I'll have to do it one day!

  5. You can do it! Maybe find one to join first, and start from there. It is scary at first, but most likely, the people joining the group are just as nervous, or are wanting the same things you are. That made it easier for me, once I saw that everyone that turned up just wanted to find friends and fitness, too!


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