Saturday, January 19, 2013

the 5k challenge: 5k #7 auto show shuffle

feels like it has been forever since my last 5k race (december 12th, to be exact). but now we're into 2013, and this race kicks off the first of my 2013 races and the first race in the second half of the 5k challenge! (wow, that's a mouth full)

today, brandon and i participated in the first ever auto show shuffle! how cool is it to be a participant in the first year of a race? i really liked it because i felt like i was a part of local history. there were just over 400 runners/walkers, which i thought was a great turnout for a first-time-ever race. this race is particularly special because it is the morning of the day the detroit auto show (naias) opens to the public. the race was a tie-in to the auto show and took place along the riverside of detroit. detroit is a neat city. you can stand along the river and wave hello to canada, right across the water (see below)!

oh hey, canada at 7:30am on a saturday

brandon and i staying warm before the race,
canada in the background

i wasn't sure how the race would go for me today, for a variety reasons. this was going to be my first run outside of 2013 (everything i've been doing has been on the treadmill thus far). and this was going to be my first non-interval run of the year. anything could happen, folks. i also had an over indulgent dinner the night before. brandon and i polished off an entire box of gluten free cinnamon rice chex while watching the movie pitch perfect. this cereal is so good, like crack. it's addicting (not like i would know what crack is like, mind you). i also accidentally poured myself two scoops of accelerade pre-run, when i only intended to pour one. i didn't notice this until i was 3/4 through with my drink and realized it tasted too much like kool-aid and not enough like watered down accelerade. so much for watching those morning calories!

even with the unknown in front of me, i was still pretty optimistic about how i could perform in the race. i got to try out new winter running gear for the first time (my super sweet new nike jacket and my smart wool gloves), and that always makes for extra motivation to pound the pavement.

starting line in the distance along the river walk

the race started at 8am, so we got up at the early hour of 6:10am to get there in time. i wasn't as tired as i thought i would be, surprisingly (as i type this now, i'm ready for a nap). what i really liked about this race was the proximity from the start line to the parking garage and to the port authority building where we got to stay in pre-race. this meant we could be warm until race time, and didn't have to worry about bundling up to stay warm outside, and then having to shed layers later mid-run. the building also had two sets of bathrooms, a must for any 5k (i didn't have to wait in line, can you believe it?).

the course itself was flat and very fast. very fast. if it wasn't for heading into the wind for nearly the entire last mile, i am sure i would've crushed my time even more than i did. the other thing i liked about the course is that i didn't get bored visually. you run alongside the river, and then go along a bike/walk path into the city a tiny bit, and then come back around. there's so much to look at; water, buildings (both new and old) - the entire cityscape of detroit is just fascinating to take in. i really loved every minute of what i got to enjoy along the course. 

brandon took a really goofy picture of me about a mile in.
isn't my new running jacket sweeeet?

i started fast and kept a strong pace, which i was really happy about. the only trouble i ran into was the last mile, where the wind hit and it just took its toll on me. there were times where i could feel my feet sway in the wind mid-stride! craazy! despite the wind, i was impressed that my last mile split was only about 5 seconds slower than the 2nd mile.

mile 1: 8:45
mile 2: 8:16
mile 3: 8:21
(according to garmin)

official time: 26:26
(according to bib chip)

i'm super happy with my race time. not only did i smash my fastest 5k of 2012 by an entire 30 seconds, but it puts me into the range of my high school cross country racing times. seriously. i can feel that pr coming, can you??

cute shirts, custom shirt types for men
and women

the only slight bummer about the race was that brandon accidentally registered me as a "male" when he signed us up (which really isnt a big deal since i'm not at medal contender speed). when i looked at the finishing times, i was listed in the "male 25 - 30" age bucket, and not female. my overall place wouldn't have changed, which is kinda weird but cool at the same time. i placed 6 in the same age group among both men and women! yay!

what an epic way to kick off the 2013 racing season! this was a great race and i'm looking forward to doing it again next year.


  1. hey! I just started following, love finding other local runners. Congrats on the pr! I felt the same way about the wind on the last mile. I felt like I was running in slow-motion hehe.

  2. You did amazing! I need to get started on my 13 in 2013.

  3. Pick a race and register - don't think too much about it. That's what I do and then I'm committed!

  4. Thank you - and same here! Love finding local runners/bloggers - it seems like the ones in Michigan are hard to find for some reason! Glad you made it through the wind, too!

  5. Thanks, Tami :) You're so supportive!

  6. Auto Show shuffle, so cool! Great job on the new PR - and yes I feel your HS PR coming! You'll get it!

  7. Thanks!! I feel like it may be too soon to start planning what I'll do to celebrate, but at the same time, visualization is one of the keys to getting your goals, so maybe its a good thing :)


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