Tuesday, January 8, 2013

running gear: my mizunos and yankz!


linking up with mel @ 4kottez, to share thoughts on my current running shoes. the link up is supposed to be about your favorite running shoes, but i have yet to find the perfect pair to love and secure my feet. i have tried tons of brands and was really loyal to brooks addiction for awhile. but after two stress fractures in those shoes, i wondered if i was running in the wrong shoe. so i've tried saucony (great shoe for the gym but did not work for running) and now am trying a pair of mizunos.

what i'm running in now: mizuno wave alchemy 12

this is a shoe made for severe over pronation - which describes my feet to a "t". i've made some modifications to my pair; using my own inserts and replacing the laces with yankz! the laces that originally came with the shoe were way too short, and i've had circulation problems while running because i tend to tie my laces too tight. so i decided to try yankz! and lo-and-behold am really liking them. they were hard to get used to at first; i could've sworn that my feet would slip out of my shoe at any moment, but they haven't yet. even better, i haven't had any problems with poor feet circulation. great solution if you have lace issues like i did!

okay, back to the shoe. with my inserts, the heel is almost too shallow for my feet, but it hasn't caused any serious problems so far. so that checks out okay.

what i like most about this shoe is that it's designed for flat feeted folk, but is also super light weight. my brooks addictions, sturdy as can be, were just so incredibly bulky. these mizunos are a big improvement and don't feel heavy on my feet in anyway. they also vent air pretty well, too (see ya later stinky feet).

are these my favorite running shoes? the verdict is still out. i don't feel 100% running in them (still having knee pain, other feet issues) but that might end up being more posture related than shoe. who knows. am i happy with them so far? yes, sure am! and if someone needed a suggestion of a light weight, motion control shoe to try, this is one i'd certainly recommend.

have you linked up on the favorite shoe post yet? if not, share with me what your favorite running shoe is! i'm always looking for new suggestions on brands to try :)


  1. I have over pronation too and I am wearing the mizuno wave inspire 8. LOVE them- in fact, I just ordered another pair (just different color) because I am due. My plan is to go shoe shopping in about a month and a half-2 months and see if there are any other kinds of shoes I should be wearing. Enjoy!

    1. I'll have to add the Inspire to my list of shoes to try. Keep me posted on what else you find!

  2. One of these days, I am going to try the Brooks Minimalist shoe and see if that helps me knee issues. I like the yankz idea. My laces are always to short.

  3. Those shoes look so sweet (and pretty colors, too). I'm just cursed with the flat feet. Looking forward to hearing your experiences with trying them though! And yes, I didn't think I'd be a Yankz! fan but sure am now. Try 'em!

  4. I am so glad you linked up! I have been thinking about getting insoles as well, but wasn't sure because of how shallow the heel box feels...but now I might try them out! And your shoe laces, that is a clever idea! I'm sure they're more giving than regular shoe laces too, eliminating the circulation problems (which I also have). Thank you for linking up with us!

  5. Absolutely, great link-up idea. The more knowledge we can share around the web, the better shoes we'll get on our feet someday :)


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