Sunday, January 6, 2013

Product Review: Vegasport Pre-Workout Energizer

i am on a serious hunt for a pre-workout energizing drink that isn't just full of caffeine but also supplies some nutrient benefit to my muscles so they're just as prepared to workout. i haven't had much luck finding anything that has stood out to me, or isn't loaded with jitter inducing caffeine.

strolling through whole foods, i found a line of products called vegasport. they have a whole line of vegan pre, during and post workout supplements. i bought some of the pre workout (called the pre-workout energizer) and the during workout (called the electrolyte hydrator)

in this review, i'm going to talk about my experiences with the pre-workout energizer. i bought three packets to try one before each of the three weekly workouts i do (running, strength training and my circuit class). i also bought each of the flavors to try out.

how did i use it?
per the instructions, i added the powder to 8 ounces of cold water, mixed well and drank roughly 20 minutes before my workout. each packet has 70 calories, which i'm not entirely crazy about for a pre-workout supplement. i'd rather consume liquid calories during the workout, not before.

the powder itself (in both flavors) was a surprising yellow/green color, which i was not expecting. wouldn't you think berry would be red? i guess i don't know much about vegan supplements and corresponding colors. anyway, when it mixed with water, it looked like i was drinking dirty water and not a fitness supplement. i didn't let the color phase me too much.

the taste of the acai berry was decent. kinda what you would expect from a vegan product, and i was encouraged to drink the full serving. the lemon lime flavor was a totally different story. this stuff tasted like chemicals. i was shocked at how different it tasted from the acai berry when the only difference was supposed to be the flavor. i had to choke the lemon lime flavor down. not a good experience at all.

acai berry, pre-workout energizer supplement. powder is a
yellow/green color

fully mixed with water

how did i feel?
i didn't feel any heart palpitations or the crazy jitteriness i get from typical pre-workout supplements, which was great. no side effects or anything to note.

did it work?
in all three of the workouts where i tested this supplement, i felt more mentally sharp and focused about 10-15 minutes into my workout, depending on when i took the supplement before the workout. i felt like i was more mentally in the zone and could mentally will myself to get through the entire workout, where as before it was easy to feel mentally tired which leads to physical exhaustion. i really liked this focus.

physically, i didn't feel like my muscles or body got a "jolt" of energy or anything like that. however, i did feel like i had a little more "oompf" at the end of my workout to get myself through the last few reps of strength training and my circuit class. my body was still tired, but it seemed to have a little more energy to make the last reps quality and not half-assed as they can be when i get tired.

i didn't feel much of a change during my run, aside from the mental focus.

what about after the workout?
when i took the supplement in the morning, i felt like i had a little more energy throughout the day. but i'm not sure if this is a result of the supplement or because of the energy i get from working out in the morning. either way, i did notice that i had a little more pep in my step throughout the days i used this.

so, what's it cost?
each packet i purchased at whole foods (which was individual servings) was $1.99 each. this is pretty expensive if you purchase individual packets each time, but less than buying a whole tub of the stuff for the first time. a full tub is $49.99 (on average, but have seen it online for $39.99 on sale) which gives you 30 servings. at $49.99, that's $1.66 a serving, which isn't much cheaper than the $1.99 per packet. if you can find it on sale, you'll save about $0.30 a serving.

bottom line - would i use it again?
i would consider using this again, yes. the acai berry flavor was decent (i wouldn't touch the lemon lime flavor again) and the powder mixed really well with water. i liked the mental focus and energy i seemed to get from the product. does it deliver the physical recovery as promised on the label? i guess i would have to use it more than three times to be able to evaluate this. what i do know is that i felt a wee-bit more peppy throughout the day and most importantly, through to the end of my workout.

(out of 5 dumbbells possible)

overall value: 3.87/5 dumbbells (delivers mental focus/energy, taste is 50/50 and may be a bit overpriced unless you're 100% vegan)
taste: 3/5 dumbbells (the acai berry was okay, but lemon lime was terrible. doesn't seem to be consistency with flavor) 
effectiveness: 4/5 dumbbells (improved mental focus, not sure about physical recovery aspects) 
side effects: 5/5 dumbbells (none noticed. felt a little more pep in my step throughout the day)
cost: 3.5/5 (for a vegan product, this is probably competitive pricing. there are probably cheaper products out there that are non-vegan)

have you tried any of the vegasport products? do you try to purchase vegan supplements? or are you indifferent and buy whatever is cheaper or most effective?


  1. Interesting. I've only one time even bothered with a pre-workout supplement and ended up so sick, I never tried again. Not sure if there was any correlation but just never bothered to try.

    I would also think that acai berry would equal red... ;)

    1. What did you try before? If a pre-workout has too much caffeine, it can make me sick too. Don't blame you for not trying again! This was a little more gentle, so something to consider if the color doesn't throw you off your game!

  2. I have tried Hemo Rage and and Jack 3d. I don't like either of them. My husband uses them and he likes them. They make me sick. I might try something without the caffeine.

    1. I've heard of Jack3d - A lot of people seem to like that. But you're right, its the caffeine is killer. Maybe we can find something that is lighter on caffeine, or be the million dollar company that makes a supplement just for sensitive caffeine people! Bazziing

  3. I LOVE vega products especially the vanilla protein powder! so delicious!
    btw i just found your blog and I got to Umich so I live in ann arbor as well!
    Definitely a hippie town haha

    1. Hello! I have heard a lot of great things about their other products, so maybe I need to get their nutritional shakes a try. So glad to find another local blogger! I'll check out your site and send you a link to the MeetUp group I'm trying to start :)

  4. My family is full of body builders and health nuts. My sister recommended a couple of supplement products to me. I usually take just one pack a day with a very tall glass of water after breakfast.


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