Wednesday, January 9, 2013

pinterest workout challenge

my friend susan (my very first blog friend, btw!) posted a great idea to make workout wednesday a little more challenging. she's challenged all of us pinterest pinners to take those sweet looking workouts you've pinned or reposted and put them to use. that means, actually do them!

c'mon. i know most of us are guilty of pinning and not doing. so today is the day to start doing and give one of those workouts a try!

here's the last workout i pinned that i attempted today: one song workouts

workout one
song: "rest of my life" - ludacris
song ended just as i got to the last set of jumping jacks

workout two
song: "army of me" - christina aguilera
song ended just as i started the 40  jumping jacks. more cardio intense than the first workout

workout three
song: "looking hot" - no doubt
had a solid minute and 15 seconds of song left

workout four
song: "can't hold us" - macklemore & ryan lewis
had about 10 seconds of song left

the hardest part about doing a workout like this is having to constantly look back at the sheet to see what you're doing next. you lose a lot of efficiency that way (and my memory isn't good enough to keep track of all the moves). this workout wasn't exactly on time with songs, but of course that varies by song length and it was close enough that i wasn't bothered too much by a gap in music.

it took me about 17 or so minutes to complete the full workout and i did have a little sweat going on at the end. i think this would work well when you have a few minutes to do some strength type training, but it left me wanting to get in more cardio afterwards.

that concludes my first attempt at following through with a workout that i've pinned! what about you all? have you tried any workouts that you've pinned? will you try any now, since there's a challenge on the table?? (oh yeah, share with me the best workouts you find, too!)


  1. I totally pinned this! I think it's on my list to do this month :)

  2. Great minds think alike! Sounded like something that could keep my attention span. I feel like we should make a Pinterest board that is shareable, to keep track of what everyone is trying?


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