Monday, January 7, 2013

migraines? migraines :(

i didn't get out of bed until 1pm on sunday.

not because i was lazy.

not because i was sleeping.

but because i was knocked out from a nasty migraine that crept into my brain very early sunday morning. i woke up with my head throbbing and my tummy as nauseous as can be. i spent most of the morning curled up in a ball in my cold dark bathroom until i was finally not-nauseous enough to take some excedrin migraine, eat some rice cakes and rest until the worst of the throbbing was over. i can't remember the last time a migraine had kept me incapacitated for so long, and it lingered throughout the day. my appetite was non-existent, my stomach was upset and i just felt lethargic. 

an accurate portrayal of my brain with a migraine,
not an attempt to draw harry potter

so i started to do some research on migraines and headaches and found out there are over 200 different types of headaches. seriously. i had no idea. with the magic of the internet, i was able to self-diagnose myself and learn way more about migraines than i thought i would (what else is there to know that my brain is pounding its way out of my body?).

did you know... ?

- some folks can tell when they are going to have migraines 1 - 2 days before the migraine hits, by monitoring for pre-migraine symptoms.

- migraines can last anywhere from 4 - 72 hours. can you imagine have a migraine that lasts for days? i hope i never find out what that's like.

- postdrome is the final phase of a migraine, where you may feel drained or washed out after the migraine is over (some people also have a sense of euphoria). this explains 100% why i felt so lethargic all day after i finally made it out of bed. why can't i have the euphoric high like other people? that would be way more fun.

i decided that in order to better take care of my health, i should start tracking when i get migraines, how long they last, other symptoms, etc. that way, i have some good data to take to my doctor the next time i have an appt. so i added an "all day" event to my google calendar marked "had a migraine" and entered in my symptoms in the description. super easy, and it is just one small thing i can do to take charge of my health (and most times, taking charge means knowing what your body is doing in the first place)!

do you get migraines? headaches? what are your methods for coping with symptoms? i'd love to have another way to get my migraine to go away instead of being in the fetal position on the floor of my bathroom ;) 


  1. I am so sosrry you had a migraine :( So miserable!!!! I track mine as well. I tend to feel it coming on, but by then, nothing I take while help. Chocolate, caffeine and greasy food (all the bad stuff of course) is the only comfort I have when it's setting in. I take an Rx for it, thank gosh. The rebound (or as I call it, hangover) headache the following day is just as miserable. I know a good portion of my triggers, but like exercise, which is a trigger, I can't avoid that... I HATE migraines.

  2. You poor thing! My mom gets migraines {knock on wood she hasn't had one in a while} and I get tension headaches. I can deal with any other ache or pain, but when I get a headache I am down for the count. Wish I had some tips or tricks for you. :(

  3. Amy @Write this DownJanuary 10, 2013 at 10:34 AM

    I used to get migraines weekly. It was stress. I still get them occassionally , but mostly cluster headaches. I have found that making an appointment with the chiropractor as soon as I feel one coming on makes it go away. I still have that drained feeling after but the migraine/headache is gone.

  4. I'm starting to wonder if a chiropractor is someone I need in my life. It seems like they can be a cure-all (aches, pains and now migraines)! I'm glad you've been able to find ways to manage your migraines - they're such a buzz kill :(


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