Wednesday, January 2, 2013

first workout of 2013 ya'll!

insert cheesy photo of me here

got my first workout(s) in of 2013 today and i'm feeling good (despite the fact i have to wear my winter coat in the house i'm sooo coold).

here's a quick recap:

workout #1, 4:45pm: 
interval treadmill workout. 5 minute warm up, 3 minute fast, 1 minute recovery. repeat.
total time: 33:22
total distance: 3.47 miles

workout #2, 6:00pm:
strength training session with trainer
highlights: could do the weighted squats without pain - no more issues with my back! yay!

it was nice to get some r&r for a few days in my pjs while i nursed my back, but it sure feels good to be back into my sweating routine. 

what has everyone else being doing in the first two days of 2013?! pjs or workout gear?


  1. I thought you must have done some crazy outdoor snowy workout since you have the jacket on in the picture...I guess that must have been what you wore home from the gym???

    1. Ha! Your comment is the first time I've ever thought that I could run in my winter coat! I think it might be too long, since it goes down below my knees - might trip when I run?

      Not cool enough to do the insane snowy workout - just too lame to take my coat off when I get home from the gym :) I did finally take it off around 10pm, though! (Only 3 hours later...)

  2. Great way to start the year! Keep it up! Oh, and turn up your heat! LOL

    1. DTE is soooo expensive!! I'm trying to be frugal :)


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