Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 goals or whatever

i'm a little late to the "post your 2013 goals/resolutions" game, but i can promise i thought about these prior to the beginning of 2013. i'm looking forward to working on all of these, even if the list is lengthy and some will be way harder than others (anyone have tips for cutting back on impulse spending???)

fitness related:

  • add variety into my routine by trying new workouts, classes, etc
  • make my new local meetup group a smashing success: getting more fitness oriented women together
  • get over my fear and try a fitness solutions class at the gym

running related:

  • train for and beat high school 5k pr of 25:05
  • train for and run at least one half marathon (should i go for the time goal? under 2 hours 1/2 marathon)
  • complete the 5k challenge
  • complete the RAW 2012 challenge

food related:

  • be an ibs eating-well champion (learn as much i can to feel better)
  • learn how to bake gluten-free
  • stick to "the plan" on holidays
  • cut back on fancy espresso drinks from coffee shops
  • drink. more. water.

money related:

  • participate in the $5 savings club
  • track expenses and categorize them to understand spending habits
  • pay off 1 of 2 remaining student loans
  • cut back on impulse purchases

blogging related:

  • write shorter posts (don't bore people with your drawn out chatter)
  • attend a blogger conference (or some sort of organized gathering)
  • build a great, supportive blogging network

hobby related:

  • write, write, write (make time for it, alicia!)
  • golf more! really focus on improving swing and relaxing on the course (golf is not life or death)
  • learn how to snowboard (27th birthday bucket list)
  • read. read. read.

home related:

  • get moose back into dog training
  • create a cleaning schedule or suck it up and hire a cleaning lady once/month
  • continue to track gas mileage/fill ups 
  • bathroom remodel

people related:

  • spend more time being proactive in friendships (go the distance)
  • don't be afraid to make new friends

if you've got any tips for any of these, i'd appreciate your advice! send 'em my way :) happy 2013!


  1. Gosh you've got a lot lined up for the year! I hope your meetup group works out! I've considered starting one, but I don't have it in me to host it and start it!

    I hired a cleaning lady, it may sound obnoxious, but letting little things stress me out wasn't worth it. Until I can get into some better routine, she stays... lol. And she's my cat sitter when I go on vacation :)

    1. I know, it is a super long list... and that's probably not a good idea, but there's so many things I want to work on! I just don't want to have tunnel vision on health and fitness, because there's a lot more to living a happy life than just those two components!

      So far I've had 23 women sign up for the MeetUp group, and 9 going to our first event. I'm nervous and excited at the same time. Hoping that it will take on its own - where other folks are scheduling MeetUps and organizing, not just me!

      Cat sitter + cleaning lady sounds like a good combo. That's what a few folks I know do (nanny + cleaning lady, etc). Everyone who has one says its the best thing they've done, sounds like I just need to bite the bullet!

  2. Great goals! looks like you have your year cut out! Snowboarding looked awesome,(I'd never been skiing or snowboarding before) --- I broke my arm on the bunny hill. Next time I get the courage to try snow activities again, I'm going for skis! haha

    1. Thanks lady! Sorry about your snowboarding incident - I hope I don't have the same fate, but you better believe I'll be blogging about my experiences after they happen :)

  3. First step: identifying. Second step: following through. See? You're already halfway there! :)


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