Friday, December 7, 2012

workout review: (victoria secret model's) 10 minute fat blasting circuit

one of my biggest "weaknesses" as a fitness lover is a lack of variety in my workouts. i tend to do three things over and over again: running, my gym's circuit class and a strength training session with my trainer. believe it or not, i don't get bored with this, but workouts can become less effective when there's too much repetition so i'm making a conscious effort to try more mini workouts at home to spice up the variety in my workout life.

my first try at this was a nice little ice breaker (or so i thought) to get into the at home workout mode. i heard about this workout, the victoria's secret model's 10 minute fat blaster circuit, through the message boards on dietbet. it sounded promising, and at only 10 minutes, i didn't have an excuse not to try it.

the workout is split into two types of exercises: 1 minute "sprints" of cardio and then sets of strength type moves. though this workout says its full body, it felt like it was heavily concentrated on the legs and not so much upper body. there were a lot of reminders about posture and abs, which i suppose is the "full body component", along with the cardio, but if i were naming this workout, i would have called it a 10 minute leg and butt blaster.

the speed skater is the first cardio blast in the workout

by far, the hardest parts are the cardio blasts. there's some mild jumping involved in all of them and i thought the plies (think ballet) were the worst. this cardio blast comes at about 2 minutes before the workout is over and takes you from first position plie to second position plie in jumps. needless to say, if you weren't feeling a burn during this workout before you got to this point, you will now.

what i like about the 10 minute workout is that it has a countdown timer throughout the workout which gives you a constant reminder that this really is only 10 minutes of your life and in x amount of minutes the leg suffering will be over. i also like that this counts down the reps, too. just gives you reassurance that you're making progress and that this isn't the workout that never ends!

the timer and rep countdown are two helpful tools to power you
through to the end

overall, i was out of breath and a little sweaty after this workout was over. there's a point in the workout where the instructor says "you can burn a lot of calories in one minute if the intensity is high enough" and i used that as good motivation to push a little bit harder in the cardio blasts. i think that sentence sums up the workout nicely - if you push your intensity hard enough during the 10 minutes, you'll certainly burn some calories (my fitness pal estimated 84 calories for my workout). if you slack off and don't push yourself, it's probably not worth the 10 minutes of your time. i think this is one workout i'll keep in my bookmarks, as it's probably a good way to get a mini-sweat session in while traveling (you could easily do this in a hotel room if you only have a few minutes to spare).

if you want to give your legs a good burn, try it out and let me know what you think! i'd also love to know what short session workouts you've tried at home that you've liked.


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  2. Thank you for the estimated calorie-burn of this workout! I do it every day without knowing exactly how much it burns calorie-wise. I COMPLETELY agree that the plie part is the hardest! Luckily its the penultimate exercise (i think) and the side lunges after it provide a welcome cool-down.

  3. In new to fitness. I know that that sounds funny, but i grew up in a home where i had heavy parents who didnt teach mr how to be fit, by the timr my highschool taught ne anything, it was "too late" i am 187 and 5'7. I found this work out the other day and it is the most fun and easy to follow video ive tried to use to work out. I am leatning that being fit doesnt have to mean being tired after a wotkout, or following a boring schedule to eventually br skinny and happy. Its fun to do this, i feel refreshed, sore, and new after. I want to be skinny, but the most rewarding part will be me making myself proud. :) good luck to everyone who tries this. Its awesome.


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