Wednesday, December 5, 2012

what's in the box wednesday: december's klutchclub

nothing like opening a klutchclub box while
enjoying gluten free beer!

one of the most exciting things i do for myself is subscribe to monthly fitness related subscription boxes. i have tried many types of boxes over the past year (including birchbox, bulu box and even a box for my dog moose called pawalla), but by far, my favorite is klutchclub. why? because their boxes come loaded with stuff that i'll actually use and that by far exceed the value of what i pay for the box. i'm always giddy to see the klutchclub box stuffed inside my mailbox and i wanted to share with everyone what came in my box this month!

each klutchclub box comes with a "hand guide", so to speak, listing out the theme of the month and each product included and why it was included. the first thing i do when i get my box is read through the guide to learn about what i'm going to be diving into as i pull out each product. the theme of this month is "energy" and all the products are designed to help boost your energy throughout the day. this is perfect because i was seriously dreading my upcoming personal training session this week - it's brutal and it's going to take all i've got to get through it!

step #1 - read product guide. (i also wanted to show off my
christmas tree in the background)

this month's box is packed (per the usual) with a lot of fun things. check out the picture below:

how do they fit all that into one little shoe sized box!?

i won't go through the entire list of products because i want to leave some bit of mystery, but here are a few of the highlights that i'm looking forward to trying out:

- amino vital endurance packet: this stuff is supposed to help provide in-workout energy for endurance athletes. i'm hoping this packet of power will get me through my personal training session this week!

- shakeology: these daily shakes are supposed to help your body eliminate toxins and get your digestive system moving. can aid with weight loss and overall energy. awesome. no perfect time for something that may aid with weight loss than the month i'm doing a weight loss competition on dietbet! looking forward to seeing if this stuff tastes good and keeps me full. will try it as a meal replacement for breakfast (included are recipe ideas to make your shakes even more delicious, like adding banans and peanut butter or cinnamon. yum.)

- pssssst! dry shampoo: i have been wanting to try a dry shampoo for the longest time but have been too cheap to buy one. now i don't have to! i think i'll give it a test later this week on a morning where i shower the evening before. we'll see how my hair looks/feels throughout the next day.

- wyman's blueberry juice: i couldn't wait very long to try this - 100% blueberry juice sounds too good to be true, but it's not! the flavor is not tart and not as sweet as grape juice. i really like it's mildness, so to speak. i bet it tastes even more delicious when its chilled! anyway, this juice is packed with antioxidants, so it will probably be best as a side to my morning oatmeal.

- acacia strength tone lengthen workout sampler dvd: this dietbet contest has me thinking of ways i can increase my daily calorie burn without spending hours every day at the gym. something like a workout dvd, effective but not time consuming, is perfect to get in a quick workout at home. while i normally avoid dvd workouts like the plague (i don't have the attention span for them), i'm looking forward to giving this a try.

why yes, this is a shot glass full of blueberry juice,
thank you for asking

there's some other awesome goodies in my klutchclub box this month (as you can tell from the picture above) but i won't spend this entire blog post detailing it all out. if you want to try them for your own, i highly suggest testing out klutchclub for a month or two. i don't think you'll be disappointed and it's by far my favorite subscription box out of all of those i've tested thus far! oh, and if you sign up, considering using my referral code, too ;)

what are your favorite subscription boxes? or if you haven't given them a try yet, what's stopping you?

oh yeah, a little disclaimer. i was in no way compensated, or asked to blog about this subscription box. everything expressed in this post is out of my own will, desire and enjoyment i receive from getting this box in the mail each month (which i pay for).


  1. I've never done a subscription box, but it sounds like so much fun! I totally want to try dry shampoo! Let us know how well it works for you!

    1. Fun and addicting -be careful. It's sending yourself a surprise present every month and the high is so good you want to send more! Haha.

  2. Woooo for some box deets! I seriously need to try this. Also, Suave makes an excellent dry shampoo for $2 (sold at Target) if you need a cheap-o alternative. And it smells like lemons :)

    1. $2 at Target?! I should've known you'd be the girl to ask about this :) If I like this stuff I will try out the Suave brand for sure!

  3. I belonged to Birchbox for a few months. The first box or two was great, but they seemed to go downhill after that and I canceled my subscription. I'll have to check out klutchclub!

    1. I agree! I was obsessed with Birchbox but then I started to get duplicate samples and I thought the "themed/sponsored" boxes were not all that amazing. Money better spent elsewhere! If you give KlutchClub a try, let me know! Curious to hear your thoughts.

  4. I like the Amino Vitale post-workout recovery drinks too. This looks like so much fun, the monthly fitness shipment! I tried a Dove dry shampoo recently and like it. Also - your hair looks super cute.

    1. I just tried the Amino Wednesday and I thought it helped my strength workout! Glad to hear you like them, gives me a boost of faith :) I am trying to embrace my curls more. When you find the right curly hair product (I'm using Miss Jessie's), it helps!


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