Friday, December 28, 2012

the results are in: a bittersweet body comp

sorry the vlog is so long - i had a lot of thoughts on my mind and rambled a bit. if you don't want to watch, i have a summary below!

had my end of year body comp with my trainer today, and the results are bittersweet. my main challenge (and the bitter part) is getting myself to believe the numbers on the paper, getting myself to believe in the progress i've made. when i look in the mirror, all i see is what i've looked like my whole life - a heavier set girl. even though i've shed pounds and inches, i still see the same image i've seen for years. this is my biggest challenge - finding a way to remove the body image poison from my brain and from my belief system. it's an on going journey, for those of you who are in or have had similar struggles, you know exactly how painful and difficult this is. 

anyway, here's how the numbers break down. my last official body comp was in 2010, and i weighed only about a pound less at that point than i did when i started to lose weight this year.

previous weight 2010: 156.4 pounds
current weight 2012: 140.25 pounds
difference: -16.15 pounds

previous % body fat 2010: 14.6%
current % body fat 2012: 9.7%
difference: -4.9%

previous lean mass 2010: 133.6 pounds
current lean mass 2012: 126.6 pounds
difference: -7 pounds

previous fat mass 2010: 22.8 pounds
current fat mass 2012: 13.6 pounds
difference: -9.2 pounds

total inches lost since 2010: 11.50

my biggest takeaways:

1) need more protein in my diet. losing as much lean mass as i didn't isn't great, especially since we naturally lose lean mass as we get older. my new goal is to aim for 120 - 130 grams of protein a day so that i can build my lean mass back up.

2) celebrate my success. even if just for a moment. focus on the amazing numbers and less on the image in the mirror. numbers don't lie, mirrors can. 11.50 inches lost?! that's amazing! no wonder my old clothes don't fit well anymore! time for a celebratory shopping spree?? :)

hope everyone has a wonderful friday and a great weekend, and as you check in on end of year goals, make sure you celebrate the progress you've made too!


  1. Whoa thats some awesome progress! celebrating success, no matter how big or small- helps you want to keep going. So party it up girlfriend!

    1. Thank you - all success is success worth celebrating! Bought myself a few new fancy things with all the great holiday sales :)

  2. I love "numbers don't lie, mirrors can." that's beyond true and we so need reminded of that. And yes, a shopping spree is much needed!

    1. I might just print that out and hang it near my mirrow, or somewhere similar

  3. Yay for "meeting" another Michigan blogger! Where about are you from - I just recently moved to Ludington from Rochester. Those are some seriously awesome numbers girly! xx

    1. Ann Arbor! (Originally from Lansing). LOVE the Ludington area. How are you doing without being by the Lake??


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