Saturday, December 1, 2012

31 days and counting

it's december first.

holy crap has time flown.

when i decided to truly make an investment in my health, and change my habits back in april, i set the end of the year as my weight loss and body fat goal deadline. i wanted to make big changes, healthier changes. i wanted to set myself up for success as a better runner and give myself my best chance at a longer, more fulfilled life.

and here we are, a mere 31 days until my deadline.

for some reason, it's a scary thought.

maybe because i'm so close to my goals that i don't know what i'll do when i hit them. or maybe because when i do reach them, i'm afraid of not being able to maintain and having to work all through 2013 to lose weight again. or maybe because i've worked so hard, it will feel like there is nothing left for me to accomplish (that's a straight up lie, but the thought has crossed my mind).

whatever it is, december 31st is going to come and it will come quickly (insert a "that's what she said" or joke about the world ending here).

this morning, i weighed in on my fitbit aria to see my progress and assess what i need to do for the rest of the month to reach my goals. normally i weigh in on mondays, but since i'm doing a december push, i made an exception for today.


body weight: 135 pounds
body fat: 20%

current status:

body weight: 139.7 pounds
body fat: 21.6%

i'd be lying if i told you i wasn't discouraged by the body fat percentage. i'm less concerned about the actual number on the scale (because 1-2 pounds could easily be water/waste or uterus shredding bloat). but nearly 2% body fat is a pretty significant number to eliminate from your body when you're already in the "red zone" of your body weight goal and you're not focusing on bulking up with weights. for the record, i'm still working out with my trainer, but we've switched focus from an all over lean muscle goal to strengthening and building my glutes/hamstrings due to my dumb butt issue. since i'm not focusing on building muscle mass, i'm not quite sure how i'm going to go about losing 2% of my body's fat. 

but, i will do what i can, because there's no reason not to. with all the travel i've been doing lately, it has caused me to miss out on nearly 6 circuit classes (which helps maintain some muscle growth) over the past month. as a result, i've gone through my google calendar and set up calendar appointments for each class to make sure i don't miss a single one in december. i'm also going to sign up for at least one of the advanced circuit classes (i've really been afraid to try them) which is more focused on using weights and less focused on cardio (though there is a cardio aspect involved).

i also have another incentive to try as hard as i can to lose those last stubborn pounds. i signed up for a dietbet contest via courtney @ journey of a dreamer. it's an online contest, where you bet $20 to play. everyone who loses 4% of their body weight will win a share of the pot! and if you lose more than 4%, your share is even bigger! talk about incentive, right? the pot is currently at $1,480 (whoa) - so there's a lot to gain ($$) and a lot to lose (pounds). the game starts on december fifth and goes through january 1st. sign up if you haven't yet, it's all in good spirit! 

it's important to mention that since i've started the low fodmap and gluten free diet, i've stopped using weight watchers. i found that the diet restrictions of low fodmap were not compatible on weight watchers and that i wasn't eating enough on a daily basis, but using up all my daily points. i've kissed my relationship with weight watchers goodbye and i think it's time to go back to tracking calories. i'm a little afraid of this because of how obsessive calorie tracking can get, but i think it's the right thing for me to do in order to reach my weight goal by the end of december and learn how to maintain my weight in 2013. any recommendations for the best calorie tracking apps/websites out there?

in summary, here are the things i'm going to focus on to reach my goals before 2013 hits:

1) get to all 8 circuit class, try at least one advanced circuit class
2) use the dietbet contest as motivation
3) get back to tracking
4) run more! (my RAW goal is 150 miles - a post that will be coming soon!)

looking back through this post real quick, i realized i've used the word "afraid" many times. it seems a little ironic, because of how much i have accomplished since i started on this journey in april. you'd think i'd be standing here a strong and confident woman afraid of nothing! but i'm starting to see fear as a signal of good change. its a signal of stepping outside of a comfort zone to really do something that moves you forward. and although i am a stubborn gal and hate to admit to being afraid, i see it as a sign of doing something that truly challenges me in a positive manner and that, my friends, is exciting.

here's to reaching all of our end of year goals! what's motivating you to get to your finish line?

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  1. You can do it! I use My Fitness Pal- if you decide to join in over there then my name on there is tamigrandi


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