Monday, November 26, 2012

top five fitness gifts for holiday wish lists

it seemed like everyone was shopping on black friday except me (well, that is a bit of a lie as i bought a new car on black friday....). and thanksgiving day was also the deadline for family christmas lists to be in (yes, there are deadlines). now its cyber monday and i'm ashamed to say i haven't even thought about what i'm going to purchase for others, let alone figure out what i should include on my wish list. while i did come up with a few items i'm longing for (like this nike running jacket),  i thought i would share the few ideas i have for sporty related gift items this season.

1) yurbuds

i was fortunate to get a pair of these awesome ear buds in my klutchclub box a couple months ago. these ear buds promise not to fall out of your ear, no matter what type of physical activity you may be involved in. i can attest to their performance excellence - they have stayed in my ear through multiple runs and even in bed when i use them to fall asleep during work travel. yurbuds come with a few grippies, in case you need a different size to fit your ear, so you're nearly guaranteed (in my opinion) to get a pair that fits straight out the box. i love my yurbuds and they are a great gift idea for anyone who likes to rock out while they work out!

2) endurolyte/electrolyte tabs

i am obsessed with endurloyte tabs. instead of spending money on a bottle of powerade or gatorade each time i work out, i'll buy a little stack of these tabs and use them instead! my per use cost goes way down and i think these fizzy tabs are a more effective way (per liquid ounce) of replenishing my electrolytes than a bottle of gatorade. there are many brands (i like hammer the best) but i've also tried nuun and gu. definitely a great idea for stocking stuffers!

3) mile 22 bags

i've already asked my boyfriend to get me one of these when i finish my 5k challenge. mile 22 bags take race memorabilia and turn them into incredible, usable, custom bags! they have a few bag styles to choose from and you can send in just about anything from your race to be include in the making of the bag (though flat items work best). mile 22 also sells gift certificates, so don't sweat about having to collect someone's race stuff to get them a bag. i absolutely love these and can't wait to have my own someday!

4) viewsport sweat activated shirts

you may have seen these on pinterest already, but i still think they are so cool and i can't imagine that anyone who sweats for fun wouldn't want one. these shirts have hidden messages on them that are activated when the shirt gets sweaty. they have a ton of different style shirts with different messages, depending on your workout or t-shirt style preference. one of my favorites is the shirt that says "fall seven times get up eight" on the front, with "i will earn it" on the back. well put!

5) google play/itunes gift cards

the most simple gift, which is a classic year after year, is gift cards. google play or itunes gift cards are great for fitness lovers for multiple reasons. the first reason, obviously, is music! new tunes for a new workout playlist is one of the most motivating gifts there is and i think few people actually spend money on music downloads for themselves on a regular basis. there are also a slew of fitness related apps a gift card receiver can download - bonus if you give them suggestions on what apps to check out! a simple gift, but it can really go far, especially if your fitness lover is way into their phone!

so there you have it: my few suggestions for awesome holiday gifts. i'd love to hear what you've put on your wish lists this year, or what you plan on purchasing for the fitness fiend in your life! do share in the comments :)

oh yeah, i was not asked to post about these products by anyone or any of the above companies. these are suggestions that came straight from my brain and onto the blog!


  1. I didn't love the yurbuds as much as I thought I would. They fit awkwardly... however, they worked great for brent :)

    I love that mile22 bag idea! what a great functional/memory!

    1. Oh man! I'm so sad you didn't love the Yurbuds! They were such a surprise in that box (which was still my fave KlutchClub box to date). Glad Brent gets to benefit, though! :)

  2. I've never heard of Mile 22 bags! I might want one of those if I ever finally run a full marathon! :)

    1. I saw them at a race expo once and haven't forgotten about them. Some day I'll get one too - maybe it will be a marathon as well (I have my eyes on Paris 2014 marathon - you in?) :)

  3. That Mile 22 bag is so cool! I'll have to add that to my wishlist...

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Looking forward to getting to know you. :)

  4. I am now obsessed with someday getting a Mile 22 bag. I have probably 9 bibs right now, so just a few more races to get up to 12 for the bag I want. Or maybe I'll hold off and wait until I have 12 half marathons to motivate myself to run more next year. I'm honestly giggling like a child to myself out of excitement. It's fantastic/frightening.

    1. Haha - isn't it fun to have something like this to motivate you?

  5. What a great list!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. It's always great to find another Michigander on the blogosphere!


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