Friday, November 9, 2012

the girl has gone rouge

so "rouge" may be a bit of an exaggeration, but it sure does feel like i've been taken over by loki from the avengers or an equally scary enemy threat that's keeping me from blogging. what's been going on the last few weeks that's been preventing me from blogging since the 19th of october? i'll break it down real simple:

  • on the 18th of october, my body started rejecting some type of stomach virus that had made its way into my system. i spent two full days with intense, sharp stomach pains, stomach flu symptoms and couldn't put anything in my body except for pedialyte and a few saltine crackers. this wonderful stomach virus had side effects that lasted for two weeks, and it took me until just this past weekend to start eating real food at all three meals of the day, instead of drinking meal replacements. 
  • i have been traveling for three weeks straight since october 19th (this is my first full week being at home, in the same town). the majority of that travel was for work (tackling two client visits with a stomach flu was just a peach of a time), but a smaller portion of that was an actual vacation. brandon and i spent a quick weekend in disney world and had a really incredible time (despite hurricane sandy). we enjoyed the food & wine festival at epcot and a sneak peak of the new fantasy land in magic kingdom. plus we went to mickey's not-so-scary-halloween party and had a blast trick-or-treating like we were kids again. (who are we fooling. we are kids trapped in big people bodies)

hanging out with donald duck in "mexico"

a surprise, magical photo bomber - tinkerbell!

  • with the stomach flu, the lethargic feeling that comes with it, and lots of travel, i haven't worked out since october 19th. okay, so that's a mini-lie as i have managed two strength training sessions in the past two weeks. but, aside from those, that's been it. i've literally been so exhausted and have no energy what-so-ever that i haven't been able to convince my body to move enough to do anything considered working out. this made my two strength training sessions really rough as i felt physically weak, and this could be an even bigger nightmare tomorrow for the iron turkey race (a 5k race followed by a 10k race). i haven't gone for a run in nearly three weeks. not sure how i'm going to manage running over 9 miles (5k + 10k) ...  needless to say, tomorrow will be interesting.
  • nanowrimo started november first, and i really, really, really want to complete it this november. i'm already way behind (only 3,800 words in) but i'm determined not to give up and keep pushing to get as many words as i can before the end of the month. because of nanowrimo, any time that i might have had for blogging has been devoted to trying to write my "novel". its an on-going balance that i haven't figured out yet.

so that's the majority of what's been going on. i'm going to try and be more consistent with blogging, because i do have a lot to say and things to update (like the great pumpkin challenge.... eek). i hope you'll stay patient with me and hang along for the ride!

all the best, 



  1. I love the Tinkerbell photo! And as always - I love your hair. It's always so cute. Glad you are feeling better too.

    1. Thank you! If you ask the Disney photographs for a "Magic Moment" in your picture, you'll have a surprise guest like Tinkerbell :) Just a Disney tip!


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