Friday, November 23, 2012

3rd annual thankful healthy blogger 5k recap

thanksgiving day has come and gone, and i'm a little delayed in posting a recap of the 5k i did for the healthy blogger 5k! so while my leftovers warm in the microwave, i'll share how the turkey trot went yesterday morning.

the turkey trot started later than i would have liked, at 8:45am (the main reason why i was nearly two hours late to thanksgiving dinner!). the weather was way nicer than it was last year (which was cold and snowy in 2011) at 40-ish degrees. i was just warm enough wearing tights and a long sleeve with a t-shirt on top for the race. before and after the race, however, i could've used a parka to stay warm!

the turkey trot went through the north campus of a university-that-shall-go-unamed, and it was pretty tough to find parking close by the race start because the roads were blocked off for the course. we ended up parking a little off the beaten path, but it was still only a quarter mile walk or so to the start line.

nearly 2,000 people showed up to run this little turkey trot (can you believe that?); walkers, runners, spectators and spectator-dogs. needless to say, this made for a very crowded race start, especially when there were no pace groups and no instructions for walkers to stay in the back. a huge race pet peeve is when walkers start in the front which causes a lot of bobbing, weaving and near collisions trying to avoid the walking obstacles. this also drives me crazy because it makes it so much harder to fall into a steady race pace. when you have to constantly speed up and hop onto the grass or swerve around a family it disrupts your entire running cadence. not something i enjoy.

thumbs up with the start line in the background

the course itself was 60% not terrible. it was pretty winding, never repeating the same path. the 40% that was terrible was the last quarter mile or so and it was a nasty, nasty hill. this hill started off slow and gradual and then you turned a corner and BOOM! suddenly the hill was a steep angle and it carried on for another tenth of a mile. it was agonizing. as i slowly ran up i watched runners turn to walkers and paces slow way down. it was just a beast of a hill.

once you get to the top (when you do and when you catch your breath), its only another tenth of a mile or so to the finish line. i was moving pretty slow at this point because that hill got the best of me, especially my lungs which were trying to cough out the last bit of a cold i've had. ew.

but you know, i finished. and i was happy to be done running, just not happy with my time or race performance. my unofficial garmin time was 30:59, which is a pretty slow time for me. i wanted to run better, but i didn't. i felt pretty defeated, like i had lost my running endurance and mojo. not a fun feeling. i tried to shake it off and just be happy that i got out and ran, but that's easier said than done.

at least i got a cute turkey race shirt

in the spirit of trying to be a thankful healthy blogger, i must say that i am very thankful for the rehab i've been doing to keep my body healthy so that i can get out and run. and i am very thankful for the healthy lifestyle changes that i've been making throughout the year that have brought me to the best shape i've ever been in. i was able to put that poor run behind me and focus on spending quality time with my family for the rest of thanksgiving day. i also had the most incredible 95% vegan pumpkin pie i've ever had in my life (and i made it), so what's not to be thankful about that?? ;)

i hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving!


  1. That is a cute shirt :) And yes, even if the performance wasn't ideal or we're not impressed with it, we have to remember that every little bit is another step in the right direction. Slow race? Sure, it happens, but it's way better than the alternative :)

    1. You are so wise. A "bad" run is better than no run at all!

  2. I absolutely hated this race! People barfing on the hill?! Gross! And who decided that ending the race on that wicked hill was a good idea? Ugh! I left that race just bad! haha! ;-) Perfect recap!

  3. Totally agree. Ended on a bad note. I hope they change the course a bit for this year...

  4. It was my 1st time running it. The people next to me said that it used to start down that hill. What brainiac decided to end it up that dumb hill must NOT be a runner! BTW - Did you see the people running with pies? WTH?! LOL...I ran, went home and cursed that race for a couple of days!

  5. YES! They gave the pies out at the beginning of the race. If you could run the entire thing with the pie, you got to take the pie home!!


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