Wednesday, October 3, 2012

the great pumpkin food challenge: pumpkin-y things to add into coffee

who doesn't love a good pumpkin spice latte? and who doesn't shell out potentially hundreds of dollars during the fall paying for those lattes at your nearest coffee shop? anyone? okay, well maybe i'm the only one... but even so, flavoring up your coffee with the seasonal taste of pumpkin is simply a delightfully warming experience, and i was on a hunt to find a way to do this on my own this fall without breaking the bank.

here's what i've found so far:

torani sugar free pumpkin pie syrup
found at: a farmer's market in the coffee section
price: $6.95
weight watchers+ points: 0 for 2 tablespoon servings

nestle's coffee-mate sugar free pumpkin spice creamer
found at: target and local grocery store meijer's
price: $4.37
weight watchers+ points: 1 for 2 tablespoon servings

both of these coffee additives are delicious, but i have gravitated more towards the creamer than the syrup. the creamer is good enough to drink on its own, seriously. i haven't tried it in anything other than coffee yet, but i'm envisioning whipping it into some whipped cream as a simple frosting for layers in between a spiced cake.

i think the torani syrup would be better if i had an actual espresso machine to work with, so i might try taking some into the office and see what i could do there. either way, i use both to flavor my coffee, and here's what that concoction typically looks like:

pumpkin spiced coffee
1-1/2 cups coffee (i'm enjoying pumpkin flavored, naturally)
1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk
1 tablespoon pumpkin creamer
2 tablespoons pumpkin syrup

i've also doubled the creamer and left out the syrup and that's been equally delicious, as well. overall, if you enjoy your coffee and love seasonal flavors, i'd suggest the creamer over the syrup, unless you have mad barista skills up your sleeve. both are great, but the creamer is the easiest to use to enhance the flavor of your brew.

** disclaimer ** i was in no way compensated by any of the above companies of the above products, nor asked on behalf of these companies to review or purchase these products. everything in the great pumpkin food challenge was found and purchased on my own free will in my personal quest to find and taste everything pumpkin flavored this fall. all comments, tastes, etc are a reflection of my own unique tastes and personality! 

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