Wednesday, October 10, 2012

the great pumpkin food challenge: philadelphia pumpkin spice cream cheese

i. love. cream. cheese. i use it for cooking, baking and whatever else could possibly benefit from a schmear of cream cheese. it's one of the best things to be made from cow products, seriously. so you can only imagine my delight when i found philadelphia's pumpkin spice cream cheese. it must be elusive, because i can't even find it on philadelphia's website (for shame)!

philadelphia pumpkin spice cream cheese
found at: target and local grocery store, meijer
price: $2.48
weight watchers+ points: 2 per 2 tablespoons

this stuff is insanely delicious. another one of those foods you just want to eat straight out of the tub. the cream cheese is a pleasant pinky-orange color and tastes like cream cheese with a mild pumpkin flavor. neither the spice or the pumpkin taste is overwhelming, its really just perfect.

it's hard not to enjoy cream cheese on just about any breakfast food, but i've really been enjoying this spread on toasted english muffins (pumpkin flavored, especially). i'm not sure how long this stuff will be around, but if you love cream cheese and pumpkin, you have to make an effort to try this stuff. i don't think you'll be disappointed! 

pumpkin cream cheese on pumpkin swirl bread? overkill? never!

** disclaimer ** i was in no way compensated by any of the above companies of the above products, nor asked on behalf of these companies to review or purchase these products. everything in the great pumpkin food challenge was found and purchased on my own free will in my personal quest to find and taste everything pumpkin flavored this fall. all comments, tastes, etc are a reflection of my own unique tastes and personality! 

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