Tuesday, October 2, 2012

the great pumpkin food challenge

i am obsessed with things pumpkin flavored.

pumpkin pie. pumpkin spice. plain ole pumpkin.

i love it all. 

and so, when fall blesses us in beautiful michigan, i go on a rabid hunt to find and taste all things seasonally pumpkin flavored. and that, my friends, is the basis of this personal challenge.

the great pumpkin food challenge: find and taste everything pumpkin flavored during the fall season.

how i love thee, pumpkin.

so, over the next few months, my goal is to find, taste, evaluate and post my pumpkin findings here (on wednesdays). and if you have any ideas or find foods, products, etc that i haven't found yet please, please let me know! this can be a fun hunt across blogs, if we want to make it interactive. maybe i can give out an award for the person who finds the most unique or delicious find... give it a thought ;)

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