Sunday, October 7, 2012

the 5k challenge: #4 run scream run

good evening friends on the web! on this sunday evening, i'm chipper in blogging about my 4th 5k in the 5k challenge, the run scream run 5k. as you can guess from the snappy name, this 5k was halloween themed, meaning costumes encouraged! the course went through a local orchard, winded around a local park and then finished through a haunted forest. needless to say, there were lots of sights, spooks and silly costumes to make for an enjoyable race!

what better costume to run in than wonder woman?

brandon was my trusty partner in crime, mario

the morning was very, very chilly. roughly 40 degress chilly. my original plan was to wear my costume as is - legs and chest bare, but once the 40 degrees came into town, i knew i needed to layer up if i was going to make it through the race. i dragged my winter tights out and the long sleeve running gear (i guess its about time to get those out anyway) and still managed to pull together a cute wonder woman costume. 

there were over 1,200 race participants between the 5k and 10k so the starting area was really, really crowded. they started the race in waves, first the 7 minute mile pace, 8 minute pace and so on until we got to our group way in the back. brandon and i didn't have any anticipated time for this race, especially since we planned on running home after the race in preparation for the iron turkey in november (5k followed by a 10k). 

ready to run!

the combination of the large crowd and starting in the back meant our first mile was spent trying to weave in and out of the crowd to get to a group of runners that were at a similar pace to ours. we didn't reach that crowd until about a mile in a half in, and by that time we were picking up speed and started to pass more people efficiently since we didn't have to do all the bobbing and weaving.

brandon made an effort to get a pic of me mid run -
cape flying and face smiling!

my costume wasn't a hinderance as i feared it might have been. the cape didn't give me any drag and it flowed nicely behind me - not getting in my face or anything. my cute little leggings, however, were down to my ankles before we even got a quarter mile into the race. 

the last .4 miles of the race or so went through the haunted forest where creatures of the corn, freddy krugers and the like tried to scare us while we ran. it was pretty fun, and though i got a few jumps here and there, i think it motivated me to get to that finish line faster! 

brandon and i crossed the finish line with a time of 26:56! i was so, so excited when we got our official time. every 5k in this challenge has been progressively faster and better. this 5k i felt like i was running more efficiently and smoothly, and i think it paid off in the end time. i finished 13th in my age group, and 45th out of all the women runners - something i feel really proud about! a great time and finish like this only makes my positive visualization of beating my cross country pr closer and closer to a reality!

we waited about 25 minutes after finishing the race to start the run back to our house (the location of this 5k was super convenient). brandon and i drank water with an endrolyte tab (blog post to come soon about this) and shared half a chocolate cherry gu (holy crap was it delicious) during "recovery" time and tried to keep our muscles warm. the first mile on the way home was slow and my legs were cold and heavy, but once we got past the first mile or so, we warmed up a bit and were able to pick up the pace to get home, finishing 2.7 miles in roughly 27 minutes. it was fun to wonder what people in the passing cars thought of us as we ran down the road in our red and blue costumes. we even had one lady in her suv stop traffic for us, roll down her window and tell us how awesome we looked. and who says there aren't nice people in this world? :)

all in all, i left this 5k feeling really positive, and was very glad brandon and i ran home afterwards. it's giving us really good practice for the next 5k which is the iron turkey in novemeber. the race is actually a turkey trot, but if you do the 5k followed by the 10k race 1/2 hour later, its called completing the "iron turkey" and you get a special shirt and medal. of course brandon and i were down to try the iron turkey, with a cool name like that and a shiny medal, why the hell not! 

only 4 races in and i'm really enjoying the 5k challenge. i can't wait for all the other moments and surprises in this 5k adventure - who knows what 2013 will bring?? hopefully a smashed pr and some more races dressing up, that's for sure ;)


  1. Great job with your 5K, super cute costume too - even with adding layers. Love it! I'm gearing up for the Rugged Maniac in KC on 10/27. Love my 5ks, got hooked through Warrior Dash - :)Keep it up and great work! :)

    1. Thank you! The Rugged Maniac sounds stressful! Haha - Glad you got hooked, especially with Warrior Dash. I haven't found the motivation to try one of those, yet :)

  2. AAahhhh what an awesome 5K time! You look so cute in the Wonder Woman costume too. :) Congrats!

    1. Thanks Paulette! Maybe I should run the costume for all my races... :)

  3. I have the same costume for my Super Hero 5K on the 28th and have been worried about the leggings/boot covers too. I may have to try wearing leggings and pinning the boot covers to them.

    1. Pinning the coverings would be a good idea. I also considered duck tape underneath... :) Can't wait to see pics from your race! Stay warm!


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