Friday, October 12, 2012

friday fitness fetish:

if you haven't heard of earndit - you need to read my entire blog post (as i would expect you to do, anyway)!

earndit is my latest fitness obsession. it is a very simple platform for earning rewards for your daily activity and workouts. you earn points by being active during the day, and then you can redeem those points for rewards from companies that are partners with earndit. it's so simple and you don't have to do anything extra than what you're already doing each week to stay active!

i'm sorry if this sounds like a cheesy sales pitch. i can promise you in no way was i compensated, or asked to blog about earndit by earndit. i just really love their site and am truly addicted to tracking points and redeeming them for fun stuff. (by the way, even though this post isn't sponsored by earndit, i would love it if you used my referral link if you decide to join... or just become my earndit friend. that's fun too!)

so how does earndit know what you're doing to be active so it can give you points? you just sync up one of the various tracking programs you're already using, and it automatically sends your data to earndit. for example, i have my fitbit, my garmin gps and foursquare linked to earndit. every time i upload my garmin or fitbit data, it automatically syncs to earndit and my points are calculated. any time i check into a gym on foursquare, foursquare sends that to earndit and my points are calculated for my gym visits. i have noticed there can be a delay in the syncing of data from when i first upload it to fitbit or garmin to the point that it gets to earndit, but i also am more sensitive to the delay because i am too impatient to wait more than 5 minutes for points to refresh. i am truly a "i want it and i want it right now" kinda gal.

this is my earndit dashboard. it shows my weekly points,
all time points and most recent points earned
(among other things)

the earndit dashboard is easy to use. it shows you your point balance front and center, below that tracks any challenges you might be participating in, there's an activity feed below that and a column on the right to highlight rewards and offers.

challenges are a fun concept on earndit. you can sign up for weekly challenges that are sponsored by various companies. each week has been different, so far, since i've joined earndit. to participate, all you have to do is click a button that says "join" (so easy) and then try and get the minimum amount of points required to be eligible for the raffle prizes. for example, i'm entered in a peeled challenge this week, and once i hit 105 activity points, i am entered into the drawing for 3 months in the fruit of the month club. if i hit their second point level target of 360 points, i could win 6 months of the fruit of the month club, too. the challenge dashboard will show you how many points you have applied towards the point goal, and how you're trending to the goals. you can also send messages on a thread to everyone participating in the challenge - why not spark up some friendly competition, or pass on some encouragement to the crowd?

challenge dashboard - i'm doing pretty well only
2 days into this challenge

onto the important part. what can you earn with these points you're accumulating for all the hard workouts and activity you log? the rewards vary by point value and by company, but i have yet to be disappointed in the selection. one of the rewards, for example, is a $10 gift card towards klutch club, which is an awesome monthly subscription box that i really adore. just this sunday, i redeemed my first points ever for 50% off my purchase from pacifichealth labs. what is that company, you may ask? well they make none other than my favorite running fuel product - accelerade. i was floored when i saw that i could get 50% off accelerade. this stuff isn't cheap (but it's worth it). brandon and i browsed their site sunday and picked out a complete runner's bundle to try out (which includes nearly all of their products) along with some nutritional supplements. hey, for 50% off this stuff, why not try something that peaks my interest?

we placed the order on sunday (and held our breaths to see if the earndit coupon code went through - it did) and got our order on wednesday. pretty fast shipping, if i do say so myself. were we pleased with what we got? yes!! the total before our 50% discount would have been $150.32 for all the products we got. instead, we only paid $57.49 and we got free shipping. what a great experience!

all of this awesome stuff was only $57.49 with my
earndit discount! (excluding the google cutting board -
that was mine already)

in summary, i'm having a lot of fun with earndit because i don't have to do anything outside of what i'm already doing to track my activity and i can earn discounts and potentially free stuff from the hard work i'm already putting in to stay active. it's a win-win combo to me, and i think a lot of my health friends out there would enjoy using the site, too (especially bloggers who tend to love this kinda stuff anyway). 

bottom line: 
earndit is my current obsession and if you're already tracking on one of the supported platforms (fitbit, garmin,  runkeeper, etc), you have nothing to lose! join up, use my referral, or add me as your friend :) happy tracking and point earning!


  1. Just joined, this is great! Unfortunately I joined before reading all the way to the bottom of your post (I'm also impatient when excited) and didn't use your referral code. :( Sorry.

    As soon as I can figure out how to add you as a friend, I will. :-)

    1. hahaha! No worries - I'll try and figure out how to add you as a friend, too :) Happy earning!


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