Monday, September 3, 2012

motivation monday: sport doesn't care who you are, everyone can take part

i love this video. it gives me goosebumps.

sport doesn't care who you are, truly. sport doesn't judge us either. we (us humans) are the only ones who place limits, or judge or care about who is involved. it's silly, isn't it? why does it matter? why should it? and that goes for things beyond sports, like hobbies or fashion or cooking or mowing the lawn. if the shirt i'm wearing doesn't care that i'm wearing it, why should someone else care?

it's hard to place ourselves outside our comfort zones when the fear of being judged is looming. we like to stay in our bubble: doing things that are familiar to us, things that won't make others question why we're doing them, or if we "should" be doing them. but we don't learn too much, or grow by sticking to the same path everyday. and we certainly can't grow by avoiding things we want to do or try just because we fear what others may think.

i have avoided bold colors, skinny jeans and printed patterns in my wardrobe because i was worried that people would think i didn't belong in them, that i couldn't wear those style of clothes. i also hated telling people i was a runner, because all i could think about in my head was fearing that others would look at me and think "well she doesn't have a body of a runner. she can't be one."

most of this negative talk we allow to breed and multiply in our own heads, but there is truth to the existence of judgement and the society that spawned those thoughts in our heads in the first place. this video reminds me, and encourages me, that there is a place of peace that exists where nothing else matters but the relationship between you and whatever it is you're doing/involved in. that's it. no one else is involved in that relationship, no one has to be. it's just you and the road, or you and your skinny leather pants or you and your knitting needles. whatever it is, don't let the outside world spoil something that is a pure and open relationship between you and what you love.

i plan on working on that this week with a few "yes" statements:

yes, i'm wearing a leopard print skirt to a work event wednesday and i will love every minute of it.
yes, i am a runner! and a good one at that!
yes, i am going to the gym friday morning 6am to lift weights.
yes, i will go into a louis vuitton store and window shop just because i think the shoes are fabulous!

do you have an "yes" statements for the week? i'd love to hear it!

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