Thursday, September 6, 2012

i wasn't joking about the leopard print skirt

as the title of this post implies, i wasn't joking in monday's post when i said i was going to wear a leopard print skirt to a work event this week. see below.

today's outfit is confident with a side of rawr!

i bought this skirt on a whim at a banana republic outlet. my wardrobe has mostly consisted of dark colors, and only dark, solid colors on the bottom. i have always wanted to try a pattern or print, something more fun, but never had the guts or confidence to try and pull it off. this poor skirt has been sitting in my closet since right after christmas. i've tried it on more than a few times this past year in trying to pull outfits together, but i have always managed to talk myself out of wearing it with doubt after doubt of self-consciousness.

this week, i said f***k it. i'm wearing this skirt and i'm going to rock it.

so at an industry event wednesday, with many co-workers and hundreds of clients, i put on my leopard print skirt, slipped on a pair of black heels and strutted out the hotel door. to my delight, i got lots of compliments from colleagues i hadn't seen in months and my confidence soared. why did i wait so long to wear this skirt? its funny that something as simple as an article of clothing can cause such a dilema in our heads. but the remedy was as easy as getting dressed in the morning and walking out the door. the world didn't end, no one threw tomatoes at me and i finally was able to enjoy something i had bought months ago!

dressing for success, and for my body shape and age, is something i'm very slowly working on. i'll probably do an entire blog post on it once i shift my closet to fall/winter wardrobe. but today was an epic step forward in the life of new confident me. :)


  1. I love the skirt, you look awesome!

    1. Thank you! I wore this out in MTV - didn't have a spare second to stop by and find you! (Unless you're working out of SF?)


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