Monday, September 10, 2012

goals for this week and the rest of 2012

as the lengthy blog post title implies, i'm resetting my goals for the remainder of the year, and making a specific goal for this week.

first, the rest of the year:

leading up to august, i spent the previous 4 months working on losing weight, adjusting my eating habits and amping up my self-confidence and "love my body" attitude. i worked hard and it paid off: i lost about 15 pounds over the course of 16 weeks. in august, my priority was training for a fast 5k in september, which meant that i was less concerned about losing weight and more focused on fueling my body for performance. now that i'm less focused on running speed and performance, i'm going back to the weight loss mentality. my hypothesis is that the leaner i am going into 2013, the better i will be able to perform in order to reach my 5k time goal of under 25 minutes before the 5k challenge is over.

so, what does that mean number wise?

my goal weight by the end of the year is 135 pounds. i have roughly 17 pounds to go to reach this mark. (i weighed in at 147.1 pounds this morning)

side note: i accidentally typed 171.1 pounds into my weight watchers app. weight watchers then shared with me the message below, telling me "i gained a bit weight" this week. 22.6 pounds is "a bit" of weight?? you sure do have a sense of humor, weight watchers!


back to business. i also have the goal of getting down to 20% body fat. after having a good conversation with my trainer about what's realistic and what's not in terms of body fat, we agreed on 20% as a solid goal to work towards. (by the way, did you know that if your %  body fat is too low, you can actually stop menstrating? i had no clue!)

second, my goal for this week:

my friends, my schedule has been crazy. i am traveling just about every week for work, football season is upon us and there are a variety of other mid-week activities that don't leave me with much time to breathe in the evening. needless to say, getting workouts in is not easy (is it ever?). i've been hopping on the morning workout train about once a week (which is incredibly impressive for me) so it makes sense to try and do it more often in order to make sure i'm getting exercise in during the week.

thus, my goal this week is to workout 4x in the morning. i recorded a video on my under armour "what's beautiful" page, explaining my goal. it's below for your viewing pleasure (if you have nothing better to do with your time)! ;)


i'm off to a great start already, working out this morning at 6am circuit class. one down, three to go!

have you assessed goals for the rest of the year? anything you want to accomplish this week?

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  1. Great goals :) And I LOVE that weight watchers considers that "a bit".. hahahaha. That's great.


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