Friday, September 7, 2012

friday food fetish: a KIND mystery package

*disclaimer* this post is not sponsored or endorsed by the featured product or company in any way. all products were purchased by free will as a gift from a very generous & thoughtful friend. these reviews are a reflection of my unique thoughts and taste buds.

a few fridays back, a mystery package showed up at my door. i was excited because i wasn't expecting any packages and i certainly didn't remember ordering anything. it wouldn't be out of the ordinary if i had signed up for a giveaway or purchased a new subscription box and didn't remember doing it (funny how that happens and we surprise ourselves later)... but i really didn't have the slightest recollection of ordering anything from KIND. 

not wasting any time, i ripped into the tube packaging and found... even more tube packaging!

but at least this time, i was able to see some of the goodies inside. the mystery package was jammed full of KIND bars! *insert squeee of delight here* you might have gathered, from my previous friday food fetish posts, that i love trying new food. i especially like trying new food if there's cute, clever or interesting packaging involved. so, the fact that these KIND bars came in fun mystery package tubing made my pulse race with excitement. i know, i am a true geek. 

anyway, after dumping the contents of the package out onto my bed, here is what i found:


inside were 8 different KIND bars and an adorable letter from my dear friend since kindergarden (seriously, we've been friends for that long), jenny. she sent the bars based on one of my blog posts (i'm guessing the greek yogurt bars post?) as she loves KIND bars, herself! for the entire day, i was on cloud nine with warm fuzzies that jenny's care package gave me. it was so thoughtful of her to send me something to begin with, but i was even more dazzled that she sent me something based off something i wrote on my blog! does this mean i'm a real blogger now?? ;)

i haven't shared any of the bars, although i'll admit that brandon may have had a bite or two of some of them. but i've been trying a new flavor every day and it's been a lot of fun. i had no idea that KIND made so many varieties, and they have this line thats called "PLUS". the PLUS bars are designed to have added nutrients like calcium, omega-3, fiber, etc.

here's a run down on the flavors that i got, and my rating of each so far (the more "noms" the higher the rating):

peanut butter & strawberry - haven't tried yet
almond cashew with flax (omega-3 PLUS) - haven't tried yet
apple cinnamon nut (fiber PLUS)nom nom nom
mango macadamia (calcium PLUS)nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom
almonds & apricots in yogurt - haven't tried yet
almond walnut macadamia (protein PLUS)nom nom 
macadamia & apricot - nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom
sesame & peanuts - haven't tried yet

based on the "nom" rating scale, i've discovered that i really like bars with orange fruits and macadamia nuts. who knew? i'm glad i have four bars left to enjoy and savor the happiness a mystery and random act of KINDness care package can bring! thank you jenny!!! :D

bottom line:
i love KIND bars, especially the PLUS line. the PLUS line is an easy way to recognize specific nutritional "benefits" from each bar if you're looking for a quick, specific snack (i.e i want more protein after that workout). yes, these bars are more in weight watchers+ points values, but from a calorie tracking standpoint (~150 calores to ~250 calories a bar) they are totally reasonable, and they're made from nearly all pure ingredients. also, this KIND care package is a super awesome gift idea for the healthy food lover in your life (or you know, for yourself).

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