Thursday, September 27, 2012

fair warning: running can lead to injury (duh)

friends, runners and fellow bloggers:

running is a dangerous sport.

and i'm not referring to the potential dangers of being hit by cars, abducted or chased by dogs (while those are all very serious threats. in fact i was chased by a small fluffy dog on my run tuesday morning). i'm talking about the scariest danger of all (to me anyway) and that's the stress that running puts on your body leading to all sorts of possible injuries.

i have had many of these running induced injuries; stress fractures, tendinitis and not to mention all the crappy blisters that come along for the ride. but tuesday i faced another diagnosis that i haven't met before and i'm calling it dumb butt syndrome. nope, that's not a typo. i have dumb butt syndrome and i will explain what that is. 

dumb butt syndrome is when your butt muscles are weak and wimpy. because they are weak and wimpy they aren't supporting your surrounding joints (like the hip) when you run. as a result, your bones may shift and become out of alignment causing lots of pain and discomfort.

and this is what happened to me. i increased my mileage and i increased how many times a week i was running and i got dumb butt syndrome.

this isn't just a spontaneous matter. part of the reason i am more susceptible to dumb butt syndrome is because my right leg is shorter than my left. multiple fractures at my growth plate when i was younger have resulted in a shorter leg (no, it's not noticeable). while the difference in length isn't noticeable to the eye, it certainly can be a risk factor for (or cause of) running injuries, even if the difference in length between the two legs is minimal. 

all is not lost for me, however. with a few weeks of physcial therapy and paying special attention to my glutes and hammies during my strength training, i can get my butt muscles into tip top shape so that my hip isn't rotating away from my body when i run. strengthening my butt muscles also means that instead of a flat booty, i will fill out my jeans a bit more, and that's a win/win in the curvy girl department, right?

but until my muscles get stronger, i will have to suffer along the best i can (flat butt and all).

at my doctor's appointment tuesday, they basically popped my body back into alignment. i have never heard (or felt) so many cracks and pops in my life. and while i'm thankful that this is step 1 to recovery i know i am in for a world of soreness for the remaining week as my body adjusts temporarily to my new alignment. i'm super eager to get out and run, and see if running feels different now that my body is equal, but it might be awhile before i get to hit the pavement due to a seriously crazy work week (aren't they always?).

has anyone else experienced something similar? i hear weak muscle injuries are pretty common for runners.


  1. heh. I'm sorry you're in pain, but now all i can think about is dumb butt syndrome ;) at least you have a plan to fix it! a curvy butt never hurt anyone ;)

  2. Whoa, never heard of this! I have heard of something called 'dead butt syndrome' but I'm not sure if that's the same. I hope you feel better and GET STRONG soon! And yes, good to fill out the jeans too.

    1. I'm guessing they are the same thing, or similar? Who knows. I've started my workouts at the gym, and I am certainly sore, so I hope thats the path to strong :)


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