Wednesday, August 22, 2012

wednesday weigh-in & the best thing i ate this month

i started off wednesday, as i normally do, with a weekly weigh-in:

week overview:
weigh in: 147.9
(+/-) from last week: 
-.9 pounds
total activity points earned: 27

i was pleasantly surprised with the number on the scale, as i expected something horrendous in the opposite direction. taking a moment to think about the week, i turned my focus to my strength training workout at 6am today. i don't know what goes through my mind when i schedule early morning workouts, but i'm finding that the more i do them, the more and more i actually like them! working out in the morning gives me a great sense of accomplishment before the day has even started and gets me off on a positive note. plus, working out right after a weigh-in was a really productive way to start the next weight watchers week. i felt in control and that i was doing something immediately to make progress in achieving my goals. even if i had gained this week, doing a workout right after the weigh-in would have made me feel like i was moving in a positive direction regardless of the number under my feet. maybe the same strategy will work for others (working out after a weigh-in), but i think i'll continue to try it every once in awhile.

in other news, i wanted to share the best thing i've had to eat this month - a dish created by my boyfriend and artistically styled (ok, so there's not too much styling involved) by yours truly. 

drooling yet?

we made a garlic shrimp "pasta" with a light cream sauce. the "pasta" noodles were peeled slices of fresh carrot and zucchini we got from our most recent csa box. the light garlic cream sauce brandon made from soy milk, smart balance butter, low fat parmesan, garlic, crushed pepper and olive oil. you would have NO idea that this sauce was low fat and made with soy milk - it tasted like a full fat cream sauce you might have on fettucine noodles. 

for presentation, i scooped out 1/2 of a piel de sapo melon and cut off a small portion of the end so that the 1/2 melon shell could stand without tipping. piel de sapo melon is beautifully sweet and juicy - but none of the melon taste in the shell distracted from the pasta. 

visually awesome, right?

brandon and i ate our bowls of pasta so fast i'm surprised we didn't get belly aches. but the fast slurp-age was only a sign that this was a delicious, low fat and low calorie meal with tons of flavor and satisfaction. can't complain about that!

hope everyone's hump day is going well - 


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  1. I feel like this surgery has killed my progress. I've not gained or lost, which I suppose is good, but I ened to get back on the ball. Seeing your posts keeps me motived for sure! If I liked shrimp that would look delish :)


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