Wednesday, August 8, 2012

wednesday recap & weigh-in: shifting focus to something positive

this will be a short post today, but in staying true to my goals, i need to be consistent in weighing in and tracking (and holding myself accountable through blogging)!

week overview:
weigh in: 146.4
(+/-) from last week:
+1.5 pounds
total activity points earned: 22

it's never fun to see a weight gain, and quite frankly i expected it based on my behavior over the past week. but the thing is, no matter what the scale has said over the past few months (and years), i haven't been happy with what i've seen. and the numbers (whatever they may be) have never made me feel truly good about myself - even when my scale told me i lost weight. i'm slowly learning that the number on the scale means nothing, though it is easy to fixate on. in an effort to slowly remove the number's importance in my life, i am shifting my focus today on the 5k race i have later this evening (this will be 5k #2 in my 5k challenge). when i have a great run, i feel amazing about myself. i feel happy. i feel strong. i feel proud and i actually love myself (imagine that)!

i am making a choice to focus on that feeling i get when i run, how it is one of the rare moments i have of self-appreciation. that is what is keeping me positive, up beat and excited about the rest of the day. i won't let the numbers on the scale have control over my day or me.

my challenge to you: when you face a weight gain, or what may feel like a set back, re-shift your focus to something that does make you feel good, something you can put your energy into for the day. it never helps to dwell on something that doesn't make you appreciate yourself (like a number on the scale), so when you recognize something that does (like running or doing yoga or meditation or playing with your dog, etc), use it as a lever to get through and move on! :) and if you want to share with the rest of us, please do! you may tip others off to something they didn't consciously recognize made them feel good, too!

here's to a fun (and hot) 5k tonight, and to moving forward with our best selves,



  1. I just started hitting the treadmill again because I hate feeling lethargic and I feel like a champ after 30 mins of sweating. Trying to focus on the feeling of accomplishment AFTER my work-out because I've never felt like any physical activity I've done has helped make me lose my belly flab.

  2. Yes - amazing how much more energy we have when we are more active, right? Keep the champ feeling in your head, it certainly has gotten me out the door and to more than a few workouts when I haven't wanted to go. Do you run outside too? Or just the treadmill?


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