Thursday, August 9, 2012

the 5k challenge: 5k #2 red carpet run

august marks the second month of the 5k challenge. i was a little worried that august's heat would make a 5k less than fun this time around, but i was pleasantly surprised with how the race went last night!

the race is called the red carpet run - and it's just about what you're imagining in your head: take hollywood's red carpet, dress like the folks who walk on the red carpet and then run. easy enough, right? the focus on this race is less about running and more about how ridiculous or fabulous you can dress for the occasion. though i was focused on the run, i still made an effort to look the part of the red carpet glam!

the red carpet marks the start and finish line of this race

i'm not crazy about evening races for many reasons, mostly because it throws me off my race eating routine. morning 5ks are great because i can have a banana, drink some water, and then eat breakfast immediately post-race. i'm not starving or famished or stuffed from a large meal before the race begins. but evening races do require that you eat during the day to fuel yourself for the night's race, and that's not always easy to do. what if i eat too much and i'm bloated? what if i eat the wrong things and i get crampy or fatigued or my body feels lethargic? there's too much to consider and it stresses me out. yesterday i did a decent job of managing this stress. i ate balanced portions of carbs and protein, drank 4 giant gatorade bottles of water to stay hydrated and had a banana and gatorade an hour and a half before the race. that method worked well, as i felt strong and well before, during and after the run. yay me!

4 bottles of this guy is a lot of liquid

my red carpet attire was easy to pull together. i had an older black sequin dress that had lost a lot of its shape and was too big for me to wear out on the town. the larger size and less fitted shape made the dress surprisingly easy to run in (i might just run in dresses more often!). the pink boa from my birthday years ago made a perfect accessory and i found some wild plastic pink glasses at work during the day. i wasn't brave enough to go strapless or without a sports bra like a lot of the other runners did. i kept things somewhat sporty and true to the race by wearing running spandex and my fave pink sports bra underneath. how did i look? see below!

stylin'. and yes that's a dog with a top hat behind me. his name was jake.

i looked pretty tame compared to a lot of folks that showed up, but the best part of my outfit was the reaction from my parents after they got the email with the above picture in it.

mom: Honey girl, what are you doing that I don't know about? Interesting outfit.
dad: I do not understand? Is this a dog show? 

i had a few laughs from their responses. clearly i don't tell them enough about what's going on in my life so i had to clear some confusion up after the race.

anywho, the course itself was super, super boring. the race website promised a fast and flat course with music and entertainment. in reality, the course was crowded in the beginning, boring in the middle (and certainly not all flat). the course ran through a neighborhood and it only had music at the start/finish. so much for entertainment. the band they chose was decent, but they did a cover of marvin gaye's "let's get it on" two minutes before the start. contrary to what the band might have believed, that song does not produce the type of energy and adrenaline i need to run 3.1 miles, let's leave it at that! in sum, i was pretty disappointed by the race itself, probably not one i'd do again.

my run, on the other hand, went pretty well. i started off trying to meander through the crowd that was trying to fit in on a tiny slab of sidewalk for the first .2 miles. nothing worse than a crowded course. luckily, i had two awesome songs on deck on my ipod shuffle to keep my focus:

1) nicki minaj "i'm the best"
2) dj khaled "all i do is win"

if you need something to get your ego up and feeling like you are the baddest and can take out anyone in your path, i highly recommend adding these songs to your playlist. i felt really bad ass going into that first mile!

the rest of the race was uneventful, and i had a hard time trying to not focus on my pace/time because there was no entertainment or anything else to focus on! i tried to remind myself "just have fun. don't worry about going fast" but that never works when you don't have anything else around you to think about (everyone's attire only lasted as a distraction for so long). in the last .2 miles, i challenged myself to pass the four girls in front of me, and i did! it was a nice shift from thinking about the time on the clock to thinking about pushing myself a little harder. my official time was 29:12 - nearly 2 whole minutes faster than my 5k in july. i feel pretty damn good about that, and had to laugh because that race time actually accomplishes the goal i had set out for september's 5k.

after the race, i drove home and had a glass of diet pepsi in my souvenir champagne class (i passed on the actual champagne at the finish line). brandon then took me to bdubs (buffalo wild wings) to celebrate with boneless wings and chips & salsa. couldn't think of a better way to wind down the evening and enjoy time with brandon post-race.

here's a diet pepsi toast to a great race!

oh, i forgot to mention, the race shirts were pretty cute, too!

not too shabby!

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