Monday, August 27, 2012

motivation monday: unintentional progress reflection

i work for a great company that places a lot of value on being healthy and empowering its employees to get healthy and stay healthy. one of our employee resource groups launched a contest that was all about showcasing what you're doing to stay healthy in one (or more) of these six categories:

  • eating right
  • moving more
  • sleeping well
  • checking your health
  • managing stress
  • taking action on personal goals

the contest immediately perked my attention because i'm working on doing all of those six things (hello, that's the whole story behind this blog) - and there are some wicked cool contest prizes up for grabs, too. to enter the contest, you needed to submit a picture of yourself doing something in one of those categories and include an explanation or description of the picture. see above for my entry.

i was scatter brained for awhile about what i would submit, because i truly am working on all of those things, and making really great progress. how could i showcase my buff muscles, my healthy culinary skills all while meditating in a room i designed as a safe stress-less haven for myself? trying to roll all of those activities into one photo wasn't going to happen, and photo-diarrhea, as i'm calling it, isn't a meaningful story. the more i thought about what i've been trying to do over the year, the more i realized that i've always been working on my fitness to some extent and i've always been trying to manage stress in some way or another. but the one thing that i've done this year, that i truly hadn't tried to do in the past, is totally revamp and change my eating and cooking habits.

realizing what i was going to submit for the contest was this little moment of "ah-ha" and an unintentional reflection on my progress over the past year. we don't take enough time to appreciate ourselves and how far we've come (i am totally unaware of self) and it's a crucial step in gaining and maintaining motivation to reach our goals. if you don't feel like you're getting somewhere, what's to keep you encouraged to continue? and if you are unaware that you've gotten somewhere, how can you ever appreciate all that you've done and will continue to do?

thinking about how hard i've worked to learn more about healthy eating and what eating healthy means for me has been a huge accomplishment this year. and though i know its a lifelong learning process, i have made leaps and bounds in such a short amount of time. i felt really good about taking pictures for the contest and writing up my description to share with my colleagues. this is the type of positive energy i need in my life and its the type of positive energy i want to share with you and everyone else!

for motivation monday, my intention for everyone reading this is to take the opportunity to look back on what you've accomplished over the past year, 6 months, 3 months - whatever it is - and use your progress as motivation for the week. give yourself the recognition you deserve and be your own cheerleader! 

i'm cheering for you! rah rah! 

- alicia

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