Monday, August 20, 2012

motivation monday: my first 5 mile run!

sweating, smiling and happy!

sunday brandon and i ventured out to attempt a long run. i was supposed to do four miles, as part of my 5k training, but had a mental stretch goal of 5 miles, which is what we set out to do. i laced up my brand new running shoes (saucony's) and we set out on a new route. 

typical of us, our spontaneity threw a tiny wrench in the works as we picked a park that had a fun run going on at the same time! we were asked multiple times if we were participating in the fun run (maybe we should have?) and weaved in and out of fun run runners during the first mile. the fun run was not a good motivator for me, as the goal of my run was to survive 5 miles, not to race runners on the trail. whenever i'm around other runners in what feels like a racing environment, all i want to do is try and run faster than them and pass them. so this fun run wasn't jiving with our long run goal and we ended up separating from the crowd and diverting from our original route.

this diversion led us into a not so great part of town so we only ran a mile out and back that way before getting back to our original route which was less crowded with fun runners.

to make a long story short, the first two miles were incredibly slow paced which i think was a result of me overcompensating in slow pace to try and make sure i could last for roughly 50 minutes of running. the overcompensation worked (or i'm just in way better shape than i thought i was) as the last three miles were fast, fast, fast! but the summary of the run is that this was the first 5 miles i had run since the disney wine&dine 1/2 marathon last fall. there are few better feelings in the world than kicking the ass out of a long run, especially when its the first long run in a long, long time! and that's just what i did; i kicked the ass out of this 5 mile run.

switching from brooks to saucony's - we'll see how this goes

i'm super happy about yesterday's run, and i can't wait for the next long run in my training schedule. this makes me geeked for the possibility of training for a 1/2 marathon again, and long term, the possibility of a full marathon (eek!). this also makes me geeked for september's 5k as i think i have a solid chance of really kicking the ass out of august's 5k time. so many things to be excited about, isn't this why runners love running? i do think so!!


  1. Yay way to kick that run's butt! So happy for you. Good long runs just feel amazing.

    1. Yes, makes me miss training for 1/2 marathons so bad!

  2. great job!! running 5 miles is a great accomplishment! :)


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