Wednesday, August 1, 2012

highlights of mackinac island

isn't it time to stop and smell the flowers, like this little guy?

i don't take enough (or barely any) time to stop and slow down, and i very rarely take vacation days (its a personal goal to take more, trust me). and this summer has been so busy, there have been very few moments to take a day trip or be a tourist for a day. a weekend trip was a long overdue, and brandon and i were finally able to find time when we could do one of our favorite michigan things and go up north! we went to macinac island last weekend and had a great time enjoying amazing weather, food and fun pure michigan activities.

the walk up to the grand hotel, stunning!

if you're not familiar with mackinac island, it's famous for its fudge and being the only no-automobiles-allowed area in michigan (maybe even the country?). to get around the island, you travel by horse (yes, four legged horses), walking or by bike. for those wanting to be active, mackinac island is a great choice because you have a lot of opportunity to get moving to see the sights!

brandon doing some sit-ups along the "get healthy" trail

one big part of our trip was playing a round of golf at the grand hotel's jewel golf course. it was such a beautiful, beautiful course - scenic views of the surrounding lakes, flowers, greenery... it was a very peaceful place to swing the clubs around (and drink a beer or two)! i didn't play very well, but it didn't stop me from enjoying the course or the game. plus, its always fun to play with brandon because we don't take ourselves too seriously and just try to have a good time.

view from one of the tee boxes, lake huron in the background

macinac island is 8 miles in circumference and one of the best things to do while you're there is ride bikes around the island! we took a two hour bike ride, stopping along the way to take pictures of the water and walk/hike some of the nature trails. of course, we nibbled on some fudge throughout the trip, to keep our energy and blood sugar levels up ;)

stopping to take a picture mid-bike ride

though the weekend was short, we had an awesome time and i certainly needed to get away from the normal routine and relax for a bit (though it took me until after a beer and a round of golf to relax). i'm itchy to get back to the lake again, so hopefully i can make it a priority before the end of the summer as it really does help me reset and slow down!

driving across the macinac bridge, heading home

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