Friday, August 24, 2012

friday food fetish: greek yogurt bars

*disclaimer* this post is not sponsored or endorsed by the featured product or company in any way. all products were purchased on my own free will and are a reflection of my unique thoughts and taste buds.

i saw these bars randomly on a trip to meijer in the organic foods section. given my love for greek yogurt and my quest for snack bars that are delicious, filling and nutritious, i had to give them a try. the first time i bought some, brandon ate all of them (a testament to how good they are). after going out and buying more, i was finally able to give them a try myself!

my favorite flavor, hands down, is the coconut-pineapple bar. it is to die for, and makes me feel like i should be sitting on a tropical island with a breeze flowing through my hair and my toes in the sand. yes, it's that good.

the other flavors are equally true to what they promise - cherry almond tastes like cherries and almond, blueberries taste like blueberry (are we in wonka's factory?) and the peach tastes like peach! 

fruit, nuts and a layer of yogurt

the greek yogurt flavor is not overwhelming, and doesn't taste like the typical plain greek yogurt you'd eat out of the refrigerator (which can taste bitter or sour sometimes). instead, it adds a creamy texture to these bars, which balances out the au natural roughness of the dried fruit, nuts and granola. 

the bars are a little high in weight watchers+ points (4), but the calorie count isn't insane (around 160 calories per bar), and the contents of the bar are all natural ingredients (no fillers or things you can't pronounce) + probiotics, which makes it a healthier option than common processed snack bars. there's a whopping 5grams of fiber per bar and 7grams of protein, which you can't say about most bars that are usually composed of fat or carbs.

you can find all the flavors offered at the rickland orchards website, but my favorites are:

- toasted coconut
- apple & honey
- blueberry acai

bottom line:
these are a great snack option if you're into snack bars, like greek yogurt + oats + fruit. yes, they're high on weight watchers+ points, but i can overlook that for a good, healthy snack that fuels my body with a solid amount of fiber and protein (and is all natural). i'll keep buying these little guys, and i recommend trying them out if you're the least bit curious!

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