Wednesday, July 4, 2012

wednesday weigh-in & recap: a weight gain and a 5k

my weigh-in this week: 152.0

that is a weight gain of 2.5 pounds. i'm trying not to dwell on this, as pissed and as frustrated as i am. i made plenty of mistakes over the past few weeks - mostly being sloppy in my tracking and sloppy in my diligence to not stuff my face. i'm sure i can account some of the 2.5 pounds to the insane bloating and puffiness i feel with the crazy heat streak we've been having here, but i'm not making excuses. i'm owning up to the 2.5 gain and moving on. so no more talking about it in this post.

in other news, i ran my first 5k of 2012 today! it was bloody hot outside, even with a 8am start. the race was appropriately named the firecracker 5k due to the 4th of july holiday, so naturally i wanted to celebrate with a proper racing outfit. i literally grabbed any article of clothing i could find that had red, white, blue or some combination of the three in it. i think i succeeded.

festive, no?

i am really happy with my 5k time: 31:25 - great considering how hot it was and this was my first race back in a long, long time. i really have only been able to run about once a week for the past month, so finishing today meant a lot to me. so much so that its inspired a new challenge for the next year (i'll do a whole post on this coming soon, stay in suspense until then!

one of the race favors (aside from the tee shirt) was an emergency aspirin kit. i hadn't see one of these before and frankly it was kinda of scary that they were giving them out before the race (i hope no one had to use them)! but, i like the idea so i snagged three; one for myself and two for my parents. better to be safe than sorry.

 running a patriotic and just-for-fun race this morning was a great way to start the 4th of july holiday (although the celebration started yesterday with the annual township fireworks). it also was a good balance to my upsetting weigh-in, so all-in-all, i'm ending this post on a high note. i highly recommend participating in race events on holidays, its a great way to get your endorphins pumped up for a fun day of celebration (and a great way to get a workout in)!

brandon and i, post race

happy 4th of july, everyone! go america!

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  1. Nice race and nice race outfit :) Very fitting. There is NO WAY I'd do a race in this heat. It was 88 when I woke up. No thanks. The gain stinks, but owning up to it is what's important, it's a good habit to accept it and then tuck it away and move on.


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