Wednesday, July 18, 2012

wednesday weigh-in & recap: how i'm making smarter choices when dining out!

happy wednesday, everyone! my week starts a new today (thank goodness) because i had been struggling the last few days. a fresh week couldn't have come at a better time. i really have been slacking on tracking towards the end of the week - not good. and if i don't track one thing, it leads me to not tracking for the rest of the day. why do i think i can slack off just from getting lazy once? there's certainly more emotional factors at play here, and i haven't quite figured all the triggers out. i've been craving sweet foods and salty foods and carby foods and just food in general, and its not always because i'm hungry. i need more help identifying what i'm feeling that may trigger these food cravings. does anyone out there have any tips?

in other news, i'm happy to say that the weigh-in this morning went well. nothing too drastic, but progress none the less! to make this weigh-in really make it count, i need to be diligent and on my a-game in tracking this week, so i don't waste the work it took to get back on track.

week overview:
weigh in: 149.5
(+/-) from last week: 
-.7 pounds
total activity points earned: 24

i wanted to highlight something i'm pretty proud of which is making smarter choices when dining out. i'm not saying i choose a grilled chicken breast with veggies every time i go out - no way, sir. i'm still choosing what sounds satisfying and delicious, but i'm making modifications to my order and being diligent in portion size to make sure that i'm eating to stay in line with my goals. here are some examples:

last week (see above), i had lunch with my dad at his favorite diner. nothing sounded better in the moment than a crispy and juicy BLT. i ordered mine with the mayo on the side because you know they slather the mayo on those things, adding a unnecessary amount of fat and calories to a simple sandwich. when my sandwich arrived, i took off a few slices of bacon. there was plenty on the sandwich already, and i didn't need more bacon than a single portion size. i counted out 10 french fries and pushed the rest away, not needing them to tempt me (although they sure did). i portioned out about 1 tablespoon of mayo (based on the portions cheat system weight watchers offers) and used only that on my sandwich. in total, i did 4 simple things that took out a large portion of unneeded fat and calories from my sandwich and i didn't loose a single bit of taste or satisfaction. win-win!

in another example from a couple weeks ago, i had dinner with my dad and boyfriend on one of the hottest days of the year (and after hitting a bucket of golf balls at the driving range). i was sweaty, exhausted and wanted a burger and beer more than anything, after all, isn't that what you do after a long day of playing golf in the heat (whatever justification i needed i would find, believe me)? 

so here's what i did. i ordered the leanest beef on the menu, which was a bison burger (and every bit as delicious as regular beef). when my burger arrived, i took the patty and cut it in half, taking the menu size 1/2 pound burger into a 1/4 sized portion. i removed the bottom bun of the large onion roll, and then cut the top in half, using the two halves as my new bun. in just doing these two things, i cut my burger portion in half, without losing any of the taste or feeling like i wasn't getting a full size meal. i also ordered sweet potato fries instead of regular fries, portioning out the number of fries i would eat. and finally, i ordered a light beer - hey, you can't deprive yourself! another simple 5 things that cut the crap out of my meal, saving points and still giving me all the satisfaction and fun of dining out.

nom, nom, nom!!

i am living proof that you can dine out, eat what you want, but still find creative and easy ways to stay within your points goals (or at least decrease the amount of weekly points you would have used had you not modified your meal). believe in yourself and have your modification plans in mind the next time you go out to eat, and dining out won't be as scary anymore!

have a great week, everyone - feeling positive about getting back into consistent tracking mode :)

- alicia


  1. Awesome job dining out! That's always so hard, but we need to make a way to make it workable, and you did! I've never had bison but I hear its delicious.

    Great job on the loss :)

    1. It is hard to make "responsible" dining choices when dining out, but when I manage to do it, I leave the restaurant feeling empowered, in control and not bloated! Totally worth it!


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