Sunday, July 29, 2012

the great belt exchange!

losing weight can mean a lot of fun shopping for new clothes. but if you can't run out and buy a new outfit every time you lose an inch in your pants, you try and make do with what you have in your closet. this is what i've been trying to do, and it's been going okay so far. sure, my pants sag a little lower, look a little baggier, and the belt is barely doing anything to hold my pants up... 

okay, so i let the poorly fitting pants problem go on a little too long.

no more holes in the belt means the pants sag too low!
waaay too low

i've been avoiding belt buying for a long time, as belts are not something i enjoy purchasing. they aren't as fun as a new shirt or new shoes; they're a necessity purchase. and its never fun to spend money on something because you have to. when was the last time you enjoyed getting an oil change on your car? exactly my point - buying belts feels just like that to me.

my pants on thursday were way too big (problem number one) and the belt i had to wear because i couldn't find any of my other belts was more than a few years old so it also was too big (problem number two). not to mention the cheap pink "leather" was separating into two layers, so the belt was falling apart (problem number three). pink belt was the only belt i had been wearing for the past few weeks because i couldn't find my other belts. the one belt in which i knew its where-a bouts was too big with a large belt buckle that made my pants sag even more than they should (problem number four).

so i bit the bullet and bought new belts.

black, brown and blue

i tried them on at target, holding my pants up in the aisle as i went belt-less in between try-ons. i'm fortunate that target was having a 20% off women's belt sale (even target knew it was time for me to get new belts) - so i got the three of these belts for $8 each. seriously. one of the reasons i don't like buying belts is because they're usually so expensive for a stupid strip of leather that wraps around your hips, but at $8 a piece, even i'm not that cheap ;)

now i am left with pants that are still too big, but at least i can hold them up with a belt that actually serves its purpose. a win/win for me and for all of those who had to witness me walking around with saggy pants!

bye bye pink belt - we had a good run together

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  1. Belts are such a waste of money. I refuse to buy them unless they are some great sale. I'd rather thrift new pants than buy a belt. lol.


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