Monday, July 2, 2012

the june challenge: results

well folks, it's officially july, marking the end of the june challenge. june was a fast and furious month (it really flew by, didn't it?). enough chit chat though. let me reveal how the challenge turned out!

reminder of what the june challenge entailed...
goal 1) lose 3% body weight
goal 2) workout 4x a week

goal 1) lose 3% body weight
i started the month of june at 153.3 pounds. my goal was to lose 3% body weight, which is about 4.6 pounds. i weighed in on the morning of july 1st at 150.3 pounds. a total june loss of 3.3 pounds, 1.3 pounds short of my 3% goal. so, i didn't hit my goal. but you know what, that's okay. it was my first full month on weight watchers and starting my new healthy journey, and i think i did pretty damn good for my first go at it!

goal 2) workout 4x a week
it pains me to say that i was 1 day short of hitting this goal. 1 stinkin' day!!! i worked out 15 of the 16 days required this month to hit my 4x a week goal. not to say i didn't have other activity points tracked on other days, but for this challenge, i was only tracking dedicated workouts. missing this goal bothers me more than missing the weight loss goal. i could make a lot of excuses (and trust me, there were plenty like lots and lots of work travel leading to lots and lots of exhaustion), but i'm not going to start on that path. but, i did get more active in june than i was in may, so that is the big win and the big picture positive i'm going to try and stay focused on.

since i didn't meet my goals, i don't get the pretty new summer purse i promised myself if i beat the june challenge. *sigh* probably better for my wallet anyway, no?

bye bye pretty poppy bag

and now it's july. no challenge this month, but i want to pick something to focus on in august. another weight loss goal? specific activity goal (run 2x week)? if anyone has ideas, please share them! i'd love to get a whole group of folks involved in an august challenge!


  1. Like I mentioned earlier, I'm going to focus on healthy eating and meditation (healthy habits for a healthy life!). Maybe you could focus on running and tracking 30 days?

    1. Ohhh I LOVE the meditation idea!! I am going to (soon, I hope) write up a list of everything I feel is a "healthy habit" and meditation is certainly one of them. Meditation and running could be a great August challenge, as them seem to go hand in hand for me (soothing the soul and clearing the mind)


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